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Mind Tricks

Sunday, October 18, 2015

It always amazes me how my day starts, compared to how it ends....

I have been on the journey for nearly a month now, and so far I'm down 10 pounds. You would think that would be enough to get me motivated, but each day I wake up I dread the stretching, the 20 minute walk and the yoga. I begin every morning thinking of all the foods I can't have and how small my portions will be throughout the day. Then I say to myself, 'I guess I could take a day off. I'll start back up tomorrow'.

Then the strangest thing happens, as I start that first yawn/stretch of the day, I feel the slight beginnings of tension in my neck - so I begin to roll my shoulders and stretch my neck. Then I think, 'well I guess it's good to stay limber...I'll just do the stretches'. So I stretch, and suddenly I'm feeling like I'm taking care of myself so I get up and have a healthy breakfast. Now I'm feeling kinda energized....'maybe I will do that walk, and get it out of the way'. So I walk, and I feel that slight burn in the muscles that makes you feel like a complete badass even if you're not, so I spend the day being mindful of my core and drinking water and eating right.

By the time bedtime comes, I'm feeling the soreness of an active day, so I figure, 'what the hell, I've done everything else and the Yoga will help me un-wind from the day'. And so I go to bed KNOWING with absolute certainty that the exercise and healthy eating has made me feel 10x better than I used to feel....and yet, every morning we begin the same old internal argument with myself.

Thankfully, my better self keeps winning the fight, but I think it's interesting the mind tricks we play with ourselves ...the one to motivate, the ones to compromise and all the other things we do to convince ourselves of things, and I wanted to share so that if anyone else is going through something similar they know, they're not alone! emoticon

Keep fighting, everyone - you're worth it! And so am I. :)
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