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Saturday, October 17, 2015

My friend gave me this book called "The Five Minute Journal". You start out in the morning writing what you're grateful for. The next spot is "what would make today great". Last is a daily affirmation. At night you reflect on 3 amazing things that happened today and what could have made the day great. Now I've read studies that say people who practice gratitude tend to be less depressed than people who don't. I've been taking a few moments of gratitude every night for years now. In life, it really is all about your perspective. Your viewpoint is your reality. What you think your worth becomes your value. What you think you're capable of, you try.. And often succeed at. Sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader. We women are so hard on ourselves sometimes. This is a hard culture to be raised female in. Our waist is too big, our boobs too small... But lve been working on self love and acceptance... Because it's way more motivating to take care of someone you love... Love yourself. This is your journey, make it a positive one. So here is my entry so far today: 1) today I'm grateful that I have a fully functioning healthy body. I have two working legs, two working arms (and how amazing are the people who can do great things even without those things), 10 toes, 10 fingers, full head of hair.... It all works. 2). Today could be great if I make positive, healthy choice that make me feel good. 3) (my affirmation) I am a strong and beautiful woman who takes good care of herself. So it's not even 11 am yet, but I think I have three good things that happened today already ... 1) I met up with three good girlfriends for a 6 mile beach walk. 2) I had good conversation with an amazing friend over a heathy veggie and egg white breakfast 3) it's a beautiful day. It's not too hot. There is a slight breeze. (Plus I have a hot date tonight with my dude) As for the last thing, I'll figure that out tonight. I bet I find a dozen more things to be grateful for before the day is done... You know what else I'm incredibly grateful for? This wonderful free website that helped me lose 180 pounds in an incredibly positive self loving way. One of these days I'm going to go to one of those spark rally's so I can meet Chris Downie and say "thank you" in person. I appreciate that I was given the tools I needed to just completely transform my life.. Much gratitude there for SP. Much gratitude for the friends I've made on this site. Much gratitude for gaining a richer life.
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