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Eating (a bit) more is working!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I am delighted to report that eating a few hundred more calories (essentially just connecting my fitness tracker to my nutrition tracker) has BUSTED my month-long plateau!! I spent the entire month of September stuck at 184 (or bouncing around between 184 and 187)... though I was thrilled to finally lose a couple inches around my waist (the only place I measure because it's the only place I really still look unhealthy)...

I have lost a pound each of the past two weeks!! Woo hoo!! I'm relieved to have figured out how to get things moving again... and not at all concerned at the slower pace of weight loss. I spent June/July/August losing 2 pounds a week almost like clockwork... so you can imagine my confusion and frustration when it all came to a grinding halt. At first, I assumed I'd just gotten too sloppy with my nutrition and tried buckling down even harder. But in hindsight, I feel confident in saying what REALLY changed is the intensity of my workouts -- because I'm simply far more fit now than I was a couple months ago. I have gone from burning a very respectable 350 calories a workout to easily burning 600+ on my long run days. I've also been strength training, and I lift heavy.

My body needed more fuel!!

This has been a GREAT lesson. I'm considering this an official "Phase Two" of my weight loss journey... since I'm now eating MORE than I had been in June, when I started. But it's my "athlete" phase... where I'm genuinely enjoying every workout, and loving how strong and capable my body is feeling. I can now run 4.5 miles... and frankly I can add a half mile a week without it even being difficult. This is new territory for me as a 40+ year old woman... I have NEVER been athletic, even as a high school kid. And I am really enjoying it!

It's funny how your weight loss journey sort of naturally sets you up for maintenance too. My loss is slowing down, and my body (it feels like) is demanding that I pay close attention to what it needs. If I can continue doing that... passing into my goal weight (just 13 pounds away) and into maintenance mode should be just another phase. I'm learning how to feed myself more, better... the 500 or so calories I've added back in are GOOD calories. More protein, more veg.

Mostly I'm just thrilled with where I'm at, and excited to know with total certainty that the loss I'm seeing on the scale--while much slower--is genuinely FAT, and every pound I swear I can SEE come off my body. (I just wish it all came exclusively from my belly. My knees have never been skinnier! LOL!)
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