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post-beck trek

Sunday, October 11, 2015

oh my. first morning without a beck chapter to read, think about summarize... but i read a few blogs, and i will continue to do so - especially those who have been taking the trek a bit slower.

meanwhile, time to look at my own reasons for maintaining - especially since the short-term goal of fitting into TheDress for DD's wedding has now been achieved.

1. grow old with DH, healthy and active - my dad just turned 100, lives alone (in the house where i was born!), walks to the grocery store and the post office and the bank (he refuses to let my brother arrange for direct deposit, wants to do it all himself!). my mom lived to 95. so i figure i have a good 35 years ahead of me, and DH's dad made it to 99 and several relatives passed 100. we're going to have fun together those next 35 years - there are a lot of hikes to be hiked!
2. be able to keep doing the things i love to do now - walk, run hike
3. stay healthy, grow stronger, improve balance, energy!
4. fit in all the cute size 0 and 2 clothes i've bought since losing weight
5. like what i see in the mirror
6. feel in control
7. a sense of accomplishment!
8. compliments!

as i read the blogs written by others on the trek, and the comments on blogs, mine and others, that were equally important, i "harvested" golden nuggets - ideas that "talked" to me. here are a few, some with credit to the author, some unfortunately not:

Triggers ------> Sabotaging thoughts -------> Unplanned eating ------> Temporary tension reduction
 Triggers -------> Helpful thoughts ------> Resist unplanned eating -------> Lasting tension reduction - caroliscious

don't wanna / hafta! watermellen

the misery of the craving will drift away in minutes - the misery of obesity is 24/7.

No Choice means No Struggle slenderella

what do you want more? To have your way in this moment, or to have the LIFE you have outlined in your advantages list? onekidsmom

Life isn't fair, success isn't free. watermellen steve siebold

It's normal to think irrationally about food and eating sometimes. I need to stop and examine my thoughts. daisybelle

"No" is a complete sentence. It requires no modifiers, no explanations. nell jones

"It works if you work it so work it cause your worth it.” queenotheforest

weight maintenance is a priority in life, for life

maintenance is a life of getting back on track when we take detours. kanoe10

goodby overweight thinking - hello, eternal vigilance!

quit arranging your environment and instead desensitize yourself

I can look into the fridge and ask myself what I'd like to eat, OR
I can look into my closet and ask myself what I'd like to wear. watermellen

"Better it goes to waste than to my waist."

yesterday was a recovery day - and the weather was busy playing tricks on us. we would look outside, see the sun shining, and by the time we got our act together, we were walking in the rain. oh well...

photos for the day were taken from the house - we are indeed spoiled about "scenic" when this is what we wake up to each day (though not always with a rainbow:-)

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