I RESISTED the CUPCAKE!! YAYYYY!! Have You Planned Ahead???

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Happy Saturday!!

Well I'm proud to report that last night I conquered my temptation for a cupcake!! So, let's set the stage. I walked into the kitchen, opened the pantry & grabbed the emoticon I headed back to the sofa & then I stopped - I said "Do you really want this cupcake, Do you really need this - I replied "No" and took the cupcake back. Instead I ate a few nuts!! So KUDOS to me!!

Then today I went to the grocery store & they had my FAVORITE chocolate on chocolate CAKE emoticon I showed my son - I just pointed to the cake & kept walking!! My son said "Mom I'm SO PROUD OF YOU" for leaving the cake!! It felt good to have some Self-Control. Now this doesn't mean that I'll never have a slice of chocolate cake but I just know that right now, I need to get into a healthy routine & will let some time go by before I have a slice of cake. Maybe I'll treat myself once a month to cake but for now I'm okay.

So, for sweet treats I think I'll have a pepper mint or piece of chewing gum or a fun-size piece of candy but not a whole slice of cake.

Planning Ahead:

I told my hubby that we were going to stick the grocery list. So I wrote out our meals for the next 2 weeks, so we knew exactly what we needed from the store, so we aren't just in there buying up every little thing. Having a meal plan for the next 2 weeks takes the guessing work out of what I'll have healthy for dinner & lunch.. Most of the time I'll eat leftovers for lunch. So, I'm stocked up on my veggies, snacks & lean meats.

Question of the Day??

* Are you prepared for next week with healthy foods & what about your exercise plans?

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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