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Eating back some calories

Friday, October 09, 2015

I'm within about 15 pounds of my goal weight, and my progress has been stalled for over a month.

I've decided to try something new / different... for at least 4-6 weeks. The past month has been one long plateau. Partly I think I've let a few habits get sloppy (but I still track my food faithfully each day, and I really haven't gotten sloppy to the point of eating out of my range). Partly, I think I've gotten a LOT stronger and healthier when it comes to my fitness. My workouts now, as opposed to a couple months ago, are far more intense. I'm lifting more weight, heavier weight. I'm running significantly more. Even when I hike, two hours now includes an extra couple miles in distance.

So I'm going to try eating a few of my exercise calories back--not all of them (I read from one of the spark experts that eating back no more than half is a good rule of thumb). But some of them. I adjusted my food tracker to take exercise into account. I understand that I shouldn't expect evidence of this working / not working in a matter of days, or even a week or two. So I'm going to stick with the new plan for at least a month... and see if this helps break through this frustrating "stuck" place.

PS) I'm not feeling discouraged or unmotivated. My body is getting stronger, and I'm not unhappy about where I'm at. But I *am* curious about whether I'm being as good as possible to myself. We're talking about a minor difference in calories (a couple hundred, a few times a week). If the scale starts rising, I may stop this experiment sooner than 4-6 weeks... but if it doesn't, I'll be glad to have tried it.
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