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Spite Eating- Is that a thing?

Thursday, October 08, 2015

So today I had something strange happen, at least for me. At lunch time I went in the break room at work to heat up my food. I almost always take my lunch away from work.

While I was waiting for the microwave, one of my co-workers asked me to taste this green drink that he and his wife make. He poured a little bit into a Dixie cup and asked me to taste it. It wasn't bad He has been trying to convince me that if I drink this stuff every day it will cure my asthma because when his wife started drinking it "she lost 30 pounds and her asthma went away". He reminded me of this again and stared pointedly at me when he mentioned the 30 pounds lost.

Needless to say I was offended. I mean how much weight I do or do not have to lose is none of his business. I got my healthy lunch out of the microwave and took off.

After I was done eating lunch I still had a half an hour before my break was over. It was too windy to take a walk and I was too mad to go back to work. So I drove straight to McDonald's and ate 4 chicken McNuggets and a small french fry. I didn't go over my calories for the day, but that's not the point. I had just eaten lunch. I didn't need to throw Mickey D's on top of that.

So, if that was spite eating, does anyone have a good way to combat that? Hubby says I should have put my co-worker in his place. How do I do that in a work appropriate way? I do agree that if I had spoke up for myself I probably wouldn't have eaten the extra.

Thanks for listening.
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    I think I would have named exactly what was going on-- just to be sure that I wasn't misreading things.

    "Are you mentioning the 30 pounds, and looking at me, specifically because you are telling me I need to lose weight?"

    For me, I'm touchy about weight-- to a degree that sometimes I react emotionally to something when the intent was not there. I misread a look at me as a "LOOK" at me, when really it's just conversation.

    Putting exactly what you are wondering about gives others the opportunity to clarify, and to be made aware of how they are communicating. People live inside their own heads, and sometimes aren't aware *how* they are saying something.

    **Edited for this: I hope that you enjoyed those fries and chx nuggets! If you weren't off-calories, you got to have a nice treat!
    1138 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/9/2015 6:03:45 PM
    Should have pointed out to him that your weight loss program is working just fine, thank you, and without any weird green drinks. :) Okay, I know those work for some people, but I hate it when someone tries to push their method on me, just because it worked for them does not mean it's right for everyone. He was extremely rude, I'd have been furious, too, and likely would've taken refuge in a bag of cookies or something chocolate. I admire you for realizing what you did, and preparing yourself with a better way of handling it if it happens again. emoticon
    1139 days ago

    Wow! I would have been offended too. I would also have turned to food for comfort. Why? Who knows. I'm a creature of habit I guess. I may have gone so far as to not eat the healthy food and headed straight out the door.

    It's very easy to say what you 'should have done.' We are all so different and handle things so differently - in 'our own' way. Since this was a co-worker and it did take place at your workplace, it makes it more difficult to respond to him and put him in his place so to speak.

    I can only speak for myself and I believe - believe because, again, it didn't happen to me (yet!) - I would do everything in my power to avoid him in the future. Since you are co-workers, that is going to be difficult.

    So sorry this happened to you. Good luck at work! emoticon
    1140 days ago
    I think your husband is right. You should have told him to mind his own business. But if you have invited him into your weight loss efforts, well that's a different story. Then maybe he was just trying to be helpful. But if you have never said anything to him about trying to lose weight, then that was just plain rude. And you could have been rude back. Mind your own! It's great you didn't go over your calories for the day.
    1140 days ago
    Makes you wonder what's in that stuff. I knew a woman who drank that stuff for 2 years. She never got any slimmer either. Not sure about the asthma or even if she had it. I, personally, thought the stuff was gross. You could have said "Did you mean to offend me today?" Depends on how good a term you are with that person. But he probably wouldn't know what you are talking about. Men!
    1140 days ago
    Thank you for sharing this. I have most definitely committed spite-eating. To compound the problem, when I recognize that that's why I'm eating it makes me mad about that fact and the anger may trigger me to eat even more.

    Your co-worker is most definitely out of line. Unfortunately, because he is a co-worker that you have to continue dealing with, it can be trickier to handle the whole situation. If confronting him directly doesn't seem plausible or productive, maybe try a visualization? Picture yourself splashing that green drink in his face after he makes an inappropriate comment. Do NOT act on this, just savor watching (in your mind's eye) the stuff drip off of his nose, ears, and chin and onto his clothing. Then you can walk away with the satisfaction that you COULD do something as inappropriate as what he did, except that you know how to behave better.

    Or, visualize yourself at your goal weight watching him still drinking that green juice (or better yet, catching him eating something unhealthy) and explaining to him that it is important to have a well-balanced diet and fitness plan and not rely solely on a single approach to wellness.

    It may sound silly, but stuff like that helps me sometimes. Most importantly, you've recognized that he de-railed you and has potential to try it again. Coming up with a strategy to cope in advance will help prepare you for next time. Good luck with dealing with him, and more importantly, congratulations on your progress!
    1140 days ago
  • ELP14586
    Wow how rude! Sorry buddy. Some people think they know all. We have a few at my job. Some people just don't have manners. Maybe he'll grow one day! And hopefully he'll be fat!
    1140 days ago
  • RWILKE67
    I did the green drink for a year and lost 130 lbs. I dont have asthma any more. I. Know what you mean about the co- worker .
    1140 days ago
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