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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

I recently stumbled upon an interesting blog, and I thought it was worth sharing. The title of this entry is “The Problem with Food Porn.” The blog is one feature of the Anti-Diet Project, launched by Kelsey Miller. She describes the project in her own words: “The Anti-Diet Project” is an ongoing series about intuitive eating, rational fitness, and body positivity.” You can follow Ms. Miller’s work on Twitter and Instagram by looking for hashtag The Anti-Diet program. If you are curious to see how the program got started, you can find more information by Googling “The Anti-Diet Project.”

Ms Miller says that her goal in starting the Anti-Diet approach was to develop what she called “healthy eating without dieting.” She introduces “the intuitive eating approach,” which she describes as “food neutrality. Food is neither enemy nor best friend. It's neither the worst nor the greatest part of your day. It's meant to fuel you and to be enjoyed — not avoided or worshipped.”
Ms. Miller says that as she began observing her Instagram feed regarding the anti-diet concept, she observed that she had done a great job at stopping the avoidance and self-criticism around food, but, in the process, it seemed that she and many others had inadvertently flipped the switch toward another extreme. Food pictured on the Internet, and indeed in many other media sources, was anything but neutral. It was all glammed up, and it was everywhere.
In a certain light, all these colorful and tempting pictures of food represented almost the opposite of my [Ms. Miller’s] mission: the glorification of food rather than a natural, neutral relationship with it. It was unbalanced and unhealthy; though she posted plenty of nutritious foods in the mix, the sheer volume of these needless, pretty food pics was the problem. She said that though ‘I'd shaken off so much of mainstream culture's disordered thinking around food, this was one area (glamorized pictures of food) in which I'd gleefully participated.’ In this way, I was still using food unhealthfully, whether I realized it or not.”

So, this made me [Sue Ellen talking here now] think. As I am spending a lot of time, at times, scrolling through healthy, diet, non-gluten, foods on Pinterest, or whatever kinds of sites devoted to the collection of delectable recipes, even if now “healthy,” am I just “adjusting” my addiction while maintaining my undue focus on food? Am I really changing my ways: my focus on food and eating? I had not thought of this, but now I find it “food for thought.” (Sorry, I had to do that!) What do you think? Could it be something like “moderation in everything?”
At any rate, I think Ms. Miller’s other “anti-diet” material is also interesting. You might want to check it out.
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    I have done just about every program on the planet including LA Weight Loss (now bankrupt), WW, TOPS, OA, Medifast, Optifast, Susan Powers, and the bottom line is that nothing works unless you work it!

    So I came to Sparkspeople, no hype, lots of information, lots of encouragement, and a coaching program. The cost of the coaching was less than one month of any other program I have tried. And once again if I work the program, I am successful. Needless to say I am not losing a lot of weight at the moment, I am working on Measuring and Moving, and Mindful eating.

    Now at 65 y/o and weighing almost 300 lbs (OMG!!), and having health issues, my main goal is to make one healthy choice and then make another. It is about becoming healthier and NOT DIETING!

    Like your blog and keep it up!
    2007 days ago
  • GINA180847
    I can see that a lot of us have kind of an OCD relationship with food. We are mesmerized by it. We like to spend far too much time thinking about it. It is only the incredible amount of time needed to eat the way I'd really like that keeps me from being huge. There are only 24 hrs. in the day and I would rather spend 8 of them sleeping and the amount needed to keep my life in order along with about 2 hrs. a day for exercise. Well it is obvious that I cannot make fancy pastries and gourmet meals because I run out of time. That old rascal TIME. It helps that we don't have a great deal of money and live in the north in a remote community. Anything awesome I want, I have to make. Recently I bought a cookbook called "Eat well on $4.00 a day, Good and Cheap", by Leanne Brown. There is a recipe in there for dumplings which I will make soon, soon as I can get a 4 hr. block of time with nothing else to do. I love this cookbook and the food really is good and cheap and very healthy too.
    2045 days ago
    I agree with Non-diet. Diets don't work if you are trying to lose and maintain weight-loss. I am going to have to checkout what she says. I think it is a slippery slope. If you enjoy good foods, no reason you can't search for recipes on the web. You just have to have a healthy relationship with food. You have to know what you can eat and balance it with fitness. If you were a traveler, you would search for great places to go, I think the same holds true with food. You just have to change the relationship.
    2063 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/31/2015 11:59:34 AM
    It seems to me that all these systems of 'food management' are tricks and tools to block the emotional attachment we have to food. Because we're all wired differently, I think you have to keep trying until you find the tool that appeals most strongly to your own brain. I've tried loads of things over the years.........the No S system seems to be working for me - in terms of taking away the 'power' of food. The system also factors in the human need for reward and the natural tendency to rebel against restriction. I hope you find what works for you.

    2086 days ago
    I think lots of diets have their place in healthy lifestyle eating. It is for me important to eat being mindful of the amt. of carbs, especially simple carbs, that I eat. Moderation is the key -- portion size in all the foods I eat. I really do agree on that one for sure.
    2086 days ago
  • AJB121299
    2086 days ago
    2086 days ago
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