Russia Day 2

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Back to the vacation chronicles. Russia day 2 was spent looking at churches. Gorgeous gorgeous churches. Like this:

And canals:

And a synagogue:

We took a subway ride. The subways are so deep that you cannot see the bottom when you get on the escalator at the top. I took pictures, but nothing did it justice so I won't bother.

A huge market that had the most interesting foods! They were giving out samples of various types of honey. The cheeses and confections were really cool too.

Along one road there are little animals tucked way up in the corners. It is considered good luck to toss coin up towards them and have the coin land in the plate at their feet. This is Tomcat.

One of my favorite places was a coffee shop. Yes they have Starbucks. And you know I got a photo of what "Starbucks" looks like with the Cyrillic alphabet. But THIS coffee shop (which also sold chocolates and other things) was amazing.

Then we said goodbye to Russia!

Next up, Finland!

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