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My First Whole30 - Day 28 – the Frank’s and Fruit diet

Monday, October 05, 2015

So I’m coming to the end of my first Whole30. Before you start sending accolades my way on a hard fought battle, you should know that I wouldn’t exactly chalk it up to complete success but I have managed to not knowingly or willingly cheat (meaning, I avoided things I was sure or thought might have sugar or other banned items in them, if I ate something that I thought didn’t but it did, then I sort of cheated but didn’t realize it… does that even make any sense? Lol). I think week 2 was the hardest and where I was closest to quitting but I didn’t and by week 4 I’ve just become lazy about it. Half way through Week 3 is when it became the Frank’s and fruit diet. By Frank’s, I’m referring to Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. Like the old lady in the commercial says… ‘I put that sh*t on everything!’ I never really thought about it before, never had it on hand but then I came across a recipe for Whole30 compliant hot wings – so I bought some and made the hot wings (which were good, not enough sauce though!) and from that day on, I’ve been putting Frank’s on everything. Because such a big part of my diet in the past month has been lean meats and eggs – you can bet it went on that. And vegetables? Heck ya – on potatoes and mashed cauliflower especially.

Really though, the last 10 days have been the laziest. I am probably averaging 5-6 servings of fruit a day (cantaloupe and grapes are my go-to), 3-4 vegetable servings and then a lean meat or tuna at every meal. In terms of lazy, here's an example. I baked some chicken breast. Didn't feel like making veggies. So I ate the chicken breast with Frank's and then ate some cantaloupe to 'fill in the gaps'. See? Lazy. Overall, this month should have been more vegetables and less fruit – I know this. But the prep time and clean up time for vegetables I found to be super annoying. And eating veggies as a snack to me is so bland - it needs dip or sauce – but I had run out of the dip I’d made in the first week and was too lazy to make any more.

So how am I feeling? Well, I don’t know if I’ve lost any weight but I’m feeling a bit slimmer – even if I haven’t lost any weight. It could be a combination of the diet and the uptick in kickboxing sessions I’ve had. And I haven’t broken out in a random zit in a while – that could be related (btw – remember when mom told us at 15 that the zits will go away when we’re adults? She lied!! I mean, I don’t have them like I did when I was 15 but man every once in a while, I get Mt. St. Helen’s growing on my face – hormones dammit!) I’ve maybe had a bit more energy but I haven’t had any enhanced mental clarity or the other stuff that some people have claimed. I was surprised at how little I craved things – the cravings were gone in the first few days. But – I was bored of the food. Where I used to take pleasure in thinking up something yummy to have (even if it was a healthy yummy), I felt confined to my choices and was bored of what I could make. And yes, I tried many new recipes. Very few of them were awesome and none were really fantastic.

And what have I learned? I’ve learned that there’s sugar in everything – good grief. It was exhausting looking for labels that did not list sugar, cane sugar, corn syrup, dextrose etc. etc. etc. Eating out while doing Whole30 is almost impossible and the diet is socially lame. I haven’t been out most of the month, I’ve avoided social situations so I didn’t have to deal with the food thing and attending the office potluck lunch sucked! Also, I miss dairy – I like cheese and I really miss my oatmeal and yogurt that I usually have for breakfast. I am not a huge packaged food person (like I don’t really buy crackers etc. normally) but eating whole foods all the time is a ton of work and not something that I can sustain on a regular basis. However, that being said, I could make more whole food choices throughout my week, reduce the amount of grains I eat (limiting bread to a couple of times a week rather than almost every day) and I could likely eat lighter dinners by avoiding starches like pastas etc. and sticking to more lean meat/veggie combinations and I could choose fruit or vegetables more often as a snack instead of a fat free latte (which you can’t chew anyway).

What do I miss? Cheezies. The whole damn time, I’ve wanted Cheezies. Those of you in Canada will be familiar with the intense cheese and sharp crunch of Hawkins Cheezies. I didn’t eat them all that often but for whatever reason, they are my chosen food to have on my first day off Whole30. Good thing we sell them in the office snack shack in tiny little bags! And gum – I was really self-conscious that I had bad breath all the time because I couldn’t chew gum (because it has sugar or sweeteners in it).

Well there ya go – that’s my Whole30 wrap up. Would I do it again? Yes, I think so. I would try to do more veggies and less fruit next time. I think doing it in January might be good to get back on an even keel after the holidays. I’ll think about it.
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  • JEM2929
    Great work completing it! That's more than I could have done. I completely get the laziness and boredom of it all. My first 3 weeks are easy and exciting usually but then I'm just so tired of being in the kitchen. Constant prep/cleaning. Yikes!
    1981 days ago
    Love Cheezies, too. They were one of my last snacks to eat before getting back to healthy eating.
    1997 days ago
    hey! you have done way better than I would have! way to go!
    2014 days ago
    Your experience was pretty much like mine on Elimination. I didn't knowingly cheat and I am not a super social person to begin with, but I definitely avoided socials situations where food was going to be involved. Went away for the weekend to a small touristy town, and found one place we could safely eat at. We ate the same thing for all our lunches and dinners. Talk about boring!

    No dramatic changes in how I feel either. I have lost 4 pounds and discovered a mild reaction to dairy. My fiance wants to stick with the plan long term, but since I didn't experience any dramatic difference, hardly seems worth it to me .I have lost 4 pounds and discovered a mild reaction to dairy. But probably the biggest benefit is knowing that I was able to do it. I really didn't think that I would be able to when presented with what all would be involved.

    Regardless of what you say, I think you deserve congratulations for finishing the 30 days!
    2014 days ago
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