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Weighing Everyday - The Evolution

Sunday, October 04, 2015

I think some people might feel strongly on this issue. Should one weigh everyday? Or will it just cause neurosis? There are ups and downs on the scale. You don't want to be so obsessed with a number. Or discouraged if you have a higher number due to water weight, food in your belly, hormones, etc., etc....

I used to think I wanted to weigh myself frequently, because *what if* a day I missed is the day that I actually showed a loss? Because weight loss was so mysterious and elusive, if I blinked, I might miss it! I didn't go crazy with it. If I posted a small gain, it didn't ruin my day, but I didn't want to miss the day when the mysterious weight loss happened.

I still do weigh myself almost everyday. Some days I don't feel like it, but most days I am still curious, but it's different now. I'm not making sure I don't miss my loss--rather, I want to admire it!

Because weight loss isn't mysterious. It isn't elusive, and it isn't that complicated. Now that I am actually doing what SparkPeople tells me to--eat less and move my body--I'm actually losing weight. And looking at the scale is empowering and exciting.

Some days I do still have a gain, but now I know that I AM doing everything right, so it REALLY is just hormones or food in my belly, and it'll come off tomorrow or the next day.

And the other side of that coin is, back then, when I was waiting for my loss like a deer hunter waiting for Bambi's mom, I also knew that I WASN'T doing what Spark and science says. I WAS eating too much, too often.

And like those 90s PSAs said, "Knowing is half the battle."

The other half is harder, yes, but also doable.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are braver then I am. I used to weigh myself every week, but now I don't want to even do that. One thing I feared was being obsessed with the scale. I just didn't want that to happen. emoticon
    1482 days ago
    emoticon DAILY emoticon weigh in for me too. I rarely miss.

    I can't say its the same time everyday, but when I get up. I put the coffee on, uncover the birds and weigh in. It is just part of my routine or maybe habit.
    I just know I do better when I weigh on a daily basis. Just like I do better when I use my nutrition tracker every day, or when I walk 5 miles everyday,

    I haven't done the best at losing lately, but I am eating healthy, getting plenty of exercise and maintaining.
    1578 days ago
    I went one step further than daily weigh in, and bought a Body Analysis scale. What an eye opener! yes the numbers are up and down all over the place day by day, but tracking food and activity helps to see where and why the fluctuations happen.

    Great blog my friend!
    1579 days ago
    Well, since you asked..... I did both in the past, weigh in every day, or weigh in every week at the same time. For myself, it is very discouraging to weigh in every day, and it has thrown me into a "this is never going to happen, I quit" mode. So I avoid that like the plague. So now I weigh myself every week, and I am much happier with it. I can see myself taking a weigh in time out if I felt it would not be good for me. I would then go with measuring instead.

    But I think we all need to find what keeps us accountable and happy.
    1601 days ago
    What a positive blog, BEATLETOT!

    I know what you mean when you say that when you're doing everything right, it's exciting and empowering to look at the scale. I think that as long as you are not obsessed with your weight and don't have too strong an emotional reaction to that number, then it is fine to weigh every day. I try to limit myself to once a week, but sometimes if I'm really proud of myself, I'll weigh myself halfway through the week. It's so motivating to see the numbers go down. Success breeds success. You are doing great!
    1603 days ago
    I weigh myself, daily. As others have mentioned, it keeps me accountable. I only get upset, if, over a given time, I have gained weight, again, and don't have the discipline to go back to a reduced food plan. Portion control is my best tool and friend, so, I count and weigh everything and use the SP Food Tracker. Right now, I am happy. Saw my lowest weight in a while, yesterday, but, just for one day. But, as long as I watch what I eat, the loss will happen.
    Great Blog, Brenda!
    1604 days ago
    I need to weigh... I've been avoiding it again. I used to be faithful every morning weigher... but as i saw the scale climb up, I found excuses to stop. I'm working out now and TRYING so i should probably check in. Tomorrow I will!
    1604 days ago
    Sounds like you have a handle on the emoticon tool!
    1606 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    I weigh everyday except on weekends! Continue to do what works for you! emoticon
    1606 days ago
    I think it all depends on how you look at it when you weight yourself daily. I know it isn't a true measure of success, but I kind of like to know how what I did yesterday affected my body. I am a number cruncher and a scale is a number. But I know it isn't a measure of success. It isn't a true measure of success, say it three times and you will return to Kansas Dorothy!
    1606 days ago
  • CHERYLA2012
    Knowing is half the battle!

    What works for you regarding the scale is what's right for you, no matter what anyone else's opinion is.

    You'll get there! 1 pound at a time.

    emoticon emoticon
    1606 days ago
    I do best when I weigh every day. That said, I have not weighed myself in over a week.
    Been a bit down and it just is not in my thought process, at the moment.

    Thank you for bringing it back into focus. I will hop on in the morning.

    1607 days ago
    The only way to handle how often you weigh is what works for you. I weigh daily because I need to, keeps me accountable, but it does not control my mood of day. If it is up, it's up, and usually I know why. I ate badly, or I'm retaining water, etc. It does not make me sad but determined. Whatever works...... ---Pam
    1607 days ago
    I think you feel the same way I feel about hunting…. ;o(
    1607 days ago
  • SA555Y
    Your doing awesome I believe it's a personal thing what works for you may not another if I could afford a scale I would be a daily weigher myself but instead drs office once a month
    1607 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    most weeks only once............ emoticon
    1607 days ago
    Glad you are at peace with the scale. I consider the scale my friend. It speaks the truth whether I want to hear it or not. And, I need that to make decisions regarding the effectiveness of my choices.

    When and how often to weigh can change over time. While in weightloss mode, I initially weighed whenever I thought about it which was not often. Eventually, I began weighing weekly. Once my transition to maintenance began, I thought it would be a good idea to have a better sense of my weight fluctuations; so, I began weighing in daily. It has worked for me.

    I find the information interesting and useful. So, it's good. If daily weigh-ins left me feeling defeated and discouraged, then I would have stuck to weekly weigh-ins.

    I also began using weight smoothing tools as I transitioned to maintenance. A couple that I like are weightgraher and hackerdiet. These tools also provide trend information.
    It has taken time to learn to read the trends and make nutritional/fitness adjustments.

    1607 days ago
    I weigh almost daily but it helps me stay accountable, I don't get crazy with it because I also see the NSV's. I also believe you can be fat but fit!!! emoticon
    1607 days ago
  • LORRIS1957
    I weigh once a week. Of I start weighing every day I get to anxious if I don't see a lose.
    1607 days ago
    I feel the same way; I weigh myself most mornings as soon as I get out of bed. I look for the trend of numbers, and I don't flip out if I have a gain. I tend to show a gain when I eat higher sodium foods. . You are right....if we follow what Spark and science say, the weight will come off.


    1607 days ago
  • SHONAP27
    I weigh myself at the same time every day. I find only doing it weekly or monthly leaves too much room for gain. When I do it daily I can see rigt away if I am gaining and then look at what I have been doing and make changes before it gets too far
    1607 days ago
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