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FitBit Challenge two weeks in

Monday, September 28, 2015

Oh boy this has been interesting. We have completed two full weeks of this FitBit challenge at work and it's getting even more nuts. Some woman today had 42,000 steps. Another guy had 52,000 steps. I can't even...I think I would die.

I'll get to how I'm doing but I'll leave you in suspense a little longer.

I found out there are about 70 people company wide doing the challenge. Now what I've noticed in the second week is that many of the people who were in the top ten during week one didn't last through week two.

One of my co-workers was getting between 20,000 and 25,000 steps a day. I finally talked to her on Friday and she was feeling kind of down. She said "I can't keep up at this pace for the whole time. I go to the gym and do two hours of cardio every day and I'm tired. How are these people doing this?"

I told her they too would eventually breakdown because unless you were already at this fitness level, there is NO WAY your body could sustain that level of exercise for 10 weeks with no days of rest. She's still in the top 10 but with what I think are much more reasonable numbers.

I've devised a strategy that I think is working well for me. I was already doing 10,000 steps a day. I don't want to say it was easy because it wasn't. I had to put effort but it wasn't exhausting. I decided to push that up to a number that I thought was doable and wouldn't make me totally fatigued. My goal has been to get 13,000 steps a day and I've done it. Some days I'll get a little more but I don't push myself to the point where I don't feel well. I've had two days where I was really tired so I took it easy.

Of course I have my actual exercise days where I do Zumba, boot camp or speed walking but on my "rest day" I've done a couple things to incorporate more steps in to my day. They don't take too much time and don't make me tired. It's just enough to get the blood pumping.

1. I invested in a of pair of slip-on walking shoes that I keep at work. Best decision ever! Now when I have a little break, I just put them on and go for a five to 10 minute stroll.

2. I leave 15 minutes early in the morning and stop off at a trail that's on my way to work. I take a short walk at a medium pace and then head to the office.

3. I park in the farthest spot, which is some old but useful advice.

4. At least twice a day, I walk back to the cafeteria, which is far from where I am in the building.

5. I use the bathroom farthest from me.

6. I walk around my block at a leisurely pace at least one time before settling in for the night. It's almost 1/2 mile and only takes me about 8 to 10 minutes.

And surprise, surprise my consistency has paid off. I've finished in the top 10 both weeks!!!!!!!

I'll keep you guys posted!
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