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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Something just crossed my mind, this evening while I was " posting my food for the day . " !

We all call this that we are doing a " journey " and we DEFINITELY have a BIG VARIETY of people , here and CIRCUMSTANCES of LIFE that go on while all VISIT and ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT each other from day to day !

Sooo, I was impressed to " contemplate " what COLOR God had MOST for
mine and your journey , now.

I would have to say " for me " it is : Yellow Green .

If that sounds FUNNY to you , then I have good explanation !

I absolutely LOVE " The Wizard of OZ " and I can't help but think of Dorothy
and " her journey . " !

All the things that happened to her and all the people she crossed and etc. , happened because she " followed the YELLOW Brick Road in SEARCH of something.

There were good times, bad times, New Friends, " ODD Things " , Reflection, and on and on. !

I can't help but feel that God is DEFINITELY having me " take a GOOD LOOK INSIDE " , while

What " stories " will this FAITHFUL SERVANT have to tell when I am called upon to TELL
" what I saw " , along the way !!

Isn't it funny that the last color she saw was GREEN, when she got to the EMERALD CITY :0

That's what I want for my life. ;)
What good will ALL of this do me and why should I even " start to WALK " ,
if I won't be willing to GROW and BLOSSOM for God's Glory.

I hope that if you , too, want to REFLECT , that you will find it a FUN THING to
think about what COLOR " you feel " as you JOURNEY ON !

We could have a FUN TIME , here , sharing back and forth the COLOR we think " WE FEEL " during our days here on SP. ;)

Blessings on each of you , today and here's wishing for a WONDERFUL NEW WEEK
for ALL of us.

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