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100 Days of Weight Loss - Day 3

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Day 3 starts with...

I don't feel like exercising today! Does this sound familiar? Then what happens? Do you exercise even though you don't feel like it or do you give in and hang out on the couch because you don't feel like making the effort... (waves hand) Do you know the feeling? Do you let yourself off the hook and promise you'll make up for it later?

Then comes: Committed means do it anyway.

You don't usually wait until you feel like going to work. You just go. The same is true for visiting your mother or changing dirty diapers. Because you consider these things to be important, you do them anyway, even when you don't feel like it....

This is not talking about when major things come up like catching the flu and running a temperature when you NEED to skip exercise... This is talking about the everyday activities and self-care routines. Are you used to abandoning them when you just don't feel like it?

What does all this mean to you? For you? Please share your thoughts here :)

This was the old me. Oh I will do it after work. That never happens! After work exercise is the last thing I want to do! (except for Taekwon-do class but I will get to that). Or oh I can't exercise in front of my husband. He will think I look gross and laugh at me. (NEVER)
Since January 1st, I have got my behind out of bed at 4:00 each and every morning and I have worked out. On weekends, I sleep in a bit and up, workout in front of my husband..who is always totally amazed at exactly what I can do. and would never in a million years think I am gross. ALL IN MY HEAD. Today I am committed. Do I always want to do it? Nope. Sometimes I don't think that I do. But once I get started and the blood starts pumping, I am SO GLAD I DID.
COMMITTED. When I am bored on a Saturday afternoon during this long gross winter am I scared to put in a workout DVD and workout with my husband around? YUP. But I do it anyways. Cause it is ALL IN MY HEAD. I am committed.

Have I been in this place before and went back to the old me who slept as long as possible and barely moved ever? YUP. But not this time. BECAUSE I AM COMMITTED. The bed is warm. But I will do it anyways because I am committed. My legs are sore. But I will do it anyways because I am committed. My workouts are hard. But I will do it anyways because I am committed.

Do I always feel like going to Taekwon-do class after work? NOPE. but when I get there I am always glad I did.Will I keep going to Taekwon-do class? Yes. Because I am COMMITTED.
That voice that doesn't want to is the voice of hate. It is me hating myself. It really is. It tells me I don't deserve to feel good. But guess what? I DO DESERVE IT.


~ in your diet or exercise plan, identify a task you don't feel like doing, and then do it anyway!
This morning I wanted to stay in bed longer with my hubby but I got up and I did my workout anyways. Today at work I am going to want to eat but whatever junk someone brings into work but I am going to stay away from it anyway!

~ notice how it feels to accomplish a goal by taking a "no matter what" approach to it.

~ make a list of actions you plan to stick with today, regardless of how you feel at the moment.
Workout is done! Now I need to get through the day eating to nourish my body, not to abuse it.
I will stick with this plan. Regardless of how hard it is or even if I don't want too.
On my lunch break at work, I am going to come back to the reading for the day and this blog and maybe write more and reinforce these thoughts in my head
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love this blog! And yes I've def felt some of those excuses not to exercise or make unhealthy choices. You are right I deserve it & I'm committed! Great Blog!!
    1785 days ago
    When it comes to exercise, this is what I do ... now I'm not saying anyone else should think this way, but it seems to work for me.

    I'm less motivated to use the treadmill, so I tell myself that I'll commit for 10 minutes. Getting through the first 10 minutes on the treadmill (for me) means that I will generally walk longer than that on it. Sometimes I don't feel well, back is hurting, feet are hurting, whatever and 10 minutes is all I manage. On many / most days though, I'll find that I walk farther, stretch, do back exercises, do some weight training, yoga DVD ... something more than 10 minutes on that treadmill.

    Small changes can make a big difference.



    1785 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/24/2015 12:12:30 PM
    Thanks for this reminder lesson! I do not always feel committed, especially when it concerns eating what I shouldn't! But, the reminders that I do tasks for work that I don't like, go places I don't especially want to go, etc. are things I do because I hafta and I don't argue about it.... I just do it any way!! Eating healthier has to be like this for me! Great job!! Very inspiring blog! Hope your day goes great!!
    1785 days ago
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