Wow, How Time Flies!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hello, everyone! We were in Vancouver, British Columbia for nearly a month. We really enjoyed it. We stayed in an RV park at the base of historic Lion's Gate Bridge, and were able to walk across it into Stanley Park, one of the world's most famous urban parks. It is an island with a walking path completely around it. It was a total of 11 miles to the park, around the park, and back to the campground.

We learned a lot about First Nations people while in Vancouver. We also flew to Anchorage and spent 3 days in Denali National Park, and took a cruise back to Vancouver. We hiked to and on Mendenhall Glacier outside of Juneau, but it was an absolutely miserable hike as it rained ALL DAY and the river was raging so we had to take an alternate, much more difficult route to the glacier. This is me doing what they called a "rock scramble". The rain saturated the glacial silt so much that we had to hike IN the streams/runoffs in order to make any progress. It was like climbing a sand dune! This is me with the guide peering to make sure I make it. Notice the guy on the ground. This may be our last extreme hike! We're getting too old for this!!!

Then we had a few more days in Vancouver before we took the train trip to Jasper, Alberta. From there we took a bus tour to Banff and Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies. This trip has always been on my bucket list and it did not disappoint!

I wasn't able to get on the internet because my WiFi device doesn't work in Canada.

I have been horrible with my diet and put on quite a bit of weight. Cruising, sitting on trains, planes and busses does not make for a good diet plan unless your plan is to gain!!!

But today was a good day for eating although not so great for activity since we were driving most of the day. Tomorrow we plan to go to the Chihuly Glass Museum in Seattle and then we'll leave Seattle and work our way East.

My mother's cancer has grown and as of this point she has declined any further treatment. So we will be going closer to home so we can visit more often.

So that's what's up with me, now that we are back in the USA I hope to be more active on Spark! I want to get this extra 6-8 pounds off and get back to where I once was!!!

Later, SP!
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