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The retirement party for my husband, belated birthday party for our son, family reunion, and weekend

Monday, September 21, 2015

Friday night into Saturday morning
Our daughter and son-in-law came in from Cheyenne, Wyoming. Our son drove to the airport to pick them up. They knocked on the door and my son-in-law had a grocery bag full of boxes of doughnuts, 4 dozen! We had a doughnut and talked about the weekend and what we would do to help with the party prep. We were to pick up folding tables and chairs and take them to our son's house in my van. We planned to have breakfast together around 10 AM., but we had brunch instead.

My husband and I got up and gathered, sausage, bacon, eggs, English muffins and the griddle to take to our son's. We went over to his townhouse without picking up the tables and chairs. Our daughter and her husband were up, but not our son or his girlfriend. Our daughter began cooking sausage gravy to have over English muffins. Hubby fried the bacon. They were at our house until about 2:30 AM., early Saturday morning and needed to be up for the 10 AM breakfast. Everyone was sleepy, but they wanted to have breakfast with their Dad.

We had a delicious breakfast together and finished up about 12:30 PM. My son finally woke up and my husband gave our son the keys to my van so he could get the tables and chairs. When our son got back to his townhouse, we helped unload everything and set up the tables and chairs. We got something cold to drink then we went to a family reunion on my husband's father's side of the family. Our children didn't go, they were getting ready for the party at 5 PM and expected between 20-30 people.

At the reunion, we saw a few of his brothers, his niece and nephew and their kids, but people had already eaten and they were doing raffles when we got there. We took a cake, but we didn't eat anything. We forgot to take drinks and hubby took a Coke from someone's cooler and brought a bottle of water to me.

There was some griping going on when he brought up the party at our son's house. One sister-in-law said, "We weren't invited!" So hubby invited them and said that when he had spoken on the phone to our other sister-in-law, he told her to invite you.
She was sitting across the table from her and then she went off! I couldn't hear what she said for the noise of the reunion. It was the biggest attendance they ever had they said, but it didn't look like it to us.

I talked to my niece and nephew, petted a dog that someone brought and we left. None of hubby's family showed up for the party. There is always drama before, during and after any family get-together and I hear all the time that"Nobody wants to get together;" I wonder why? Well, they missed out and it didn't bother me at all. I don't like to see people pouting while others are having fun.

We drove back to our son's house and my sister and her husband were the first to arrive. My sister is 72 and her arthritis has really been working on her. She now stands legs apart and is in a permanent squatting position. Her neck is permanently bent making her look as if she is looking at the ground. I am sure that with the position her spine is in, it must put all of her weight on her thighs to try to hold up her body.

We talked for awhile, then my nephew and his wife arrived and one of my son's friends. His name is Thomas and he and my sister began verbal sarcasm immediately and it was hilarious. My son grilled chicken that he had marinated and steaks on the grill. We had fajitas for the party. Our son's neighbor came over. She made a crab
dip and brought Keebler Club crackers to dip into it. She also made a German chocolate cake. The crab dip was the bomb! She didn't use a recipe, but the dish it was in was scraped clean!

My son's girlfriend's mother and brother came and a couple that we met at our daughter's wedding. Our son-in-law was in the Army with him in Afghanistan. There were 16 in attendance including us.

The table where the food was had everything you could think of to put on the fajitas. It was the first time I ever ate a fajita. Alcohol was served: beer, wine, tequila, whiskey and they probably had other choices.

Hubby drank Coke and I drank Snapple diet peach tea or water. My son brings his trash to our house instead of paying to have it hauled away and he began recycling. We are supposed to separate the recyclables out of the trash. There are 83 cans on the bar in the basement waiting to be crushed. Some were ours before the party, but now my son is giving us his aluminum cans and my nephew said we could have their cans. That will be some extra money in our pocket because we live close to a metal recycling place.

Our son's neighbor cleaned the whole kitchen after some of the guests left and we helped package leftovers. One couple spent the night and our daughter and son-in-law stayed at our son's house Saturday night. Some had done tequila shots. Thom was drunk and I went to find him, but he was gone. He really needed someone to drive him home. I told my son, "Friends don't let friends drive drunk!" We left and came home around 11 PM.

We went to church yesterday, came home and I did some more cleaning that needed to be done before our daughter and son-in-law came here.
1. Took thyroid pill, waited an hour
2. Took rest of my meds
3. Went to church
4. Vacuumed the two bathrooms
5. Scrubbed the floors on my hands and knees in both bathrooms
6. Hubby vacuumed and mopped the kitchen
7. Hubby dusted the guest bedroom
8. Helped hubby to make the guest bed
9. Prepared the coffee-maker for morning coffee for Monday morning

The kids came over around 2 PM Sunday. Our son's girlfriend went hiking with her mother. Our son, my husband and my son-in-law took a tour of Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Maryland. My daughter and I went to a nail salon and got pedicures. I have dark blue toenails now. She also bought a gift certificate for me and said, "Mom you have diabetes. Get your nails done every month." I think there is enough on the gift card for two pedicures with no extra services.

We went to Macy's and she bought 4 new bras for me, one she had to order. They were buy one, get one 1/2 off. I reimbursed her for them. We also looked at shoes. I wanted a pair of sandals. I found just what I wanted, but then the strap would not go around the foot that was operated on.

We left there and she put gas in my van and I reimbursed her for that. We came home and talked while the guys were gone. I had a sandwich and she had an apple because hubby and I had not eaten. The guys came in with Chinese food and we ate supper, talked a little bit and everyone went to bed because we all needed to be up early and they needed to be on the road by 4 AM.

Hubby came home from the airport and took a nap.

1. Hubby woke me up to take my thyroid pill
2. Had coffee while son-in-law and daughter got what they wanted to have for breakfast. My daughter is on a gluten-free diet. Both fridges are filled with food from the party and dessert items that were bought.
3. Said goodbye to s-i-l and dd and hubby as they went to the airport
4. Checked guest room and bathroom to make sure they had not left anything. Called hubby to say they may have left bed pillows, they were ours but I didn't recognize the pillowcases on the pillows, lol!
5. Stripped our bed and the guest bed of sheets, pillowcases and blankets, gathered all the towels, face cloths, hand towels, sponge, dish cloth, potholders and dish towel and took to the basement.
6. Sorted laundry and started a load of towels and sheets.
7. Rinsed out two boxes of aluminum cans
8. Gathered trash and took to curb
9. Gathered another bag of beer boxes, brown bottles and other trash and was going to put it out for garbage pick-up. The trash had already been picked up. Took the bag to the back yard and put by the garbage can for next week's trash pick up.
10. Put breakfast dishes in the dishwasher and put dishwasher detergent in the dishwasher
11. Cleaned the sinks in the basement from rinsing out cans
12. Dried the shower curtain from the tub cleaning
13. Got on Facebook and caught up with everyone elses life over the weekend
14. Answered and deleted some e-mails
15. Hubby came home and said he was going to take a nap and is asleep in the rocker/recliner
16. Made this list of chores completed by 8:30 AM
17. Took 3 new bras to the basement to be washed
18. Folded two baskets of clothes, whites and light-colored
19. Started dryer load of bleached clothes.
20. Started a load of dark-colored clothes for the second time. Hubby must have opened the lid.
21. Brought up basket of folded clothes

I sat down to write this blog while the events are still fresh in my mind. I think the party was a success. They toasted hubby's retirement, our son's birthday and to our daughter and son-in-law's visit. Everyone got along at the party and we talked of memories of our parents and plans for the future. With the shape my sister is in, I think the family will want to go to her house on Thanksgiving and take along food. She never complained and climbed the steps of the townhouse to get to the kitchen and dining area. I got behind her because I know it was a struggle for her.

I had hubby proofread this, my thoughts are rushing because I don't know when I will see my daughter again. She wants us to come there for Thanksgiving. We will seek the Lord's Will as to where to go. Hubby won't fly, so if we go to Wyoming, it will be by car or train.

*Hubby said he fried the bacon so I had to edit that our daughter fried it, lol! I hope you all are having a good Monday.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • FROSTY99
    What a busy weekend. Glad you got to visit DD & her hubby. I am sure you enjoyed it al lot and what a nice party for DH.
    We get to see my older son and his family this coming weekend-haven't seen them in over 9 yrs. Looking forward to that.
    1788 days ago
    Wow. Lots of happy memories. SOunds like everyone had a wonderful time and it was all good. A trip to see your daughter might be nice at Christmas time. We go to see DD on the day after Christmas and stay for 2 days while there are holidays for them from their work and the boys are home from school. Most of the rest of the time, they visit us as it is a long drive and we have no car. Happy memories and happy retirement to you and your hubby.

    1788 days ago
    Wow! That was a busy time. Sounds like you had a blast!
    1789 days ago
    YAY! Sounds like a good time was had by all. emoticon emoticon BB~
    1789 days ago
    Sounds like a wonderful weekend!
    1789 days ago
    You seem to have had a wonderful and very busy weekend! I am glad you had a good family get together. We used to have them in WV,but since I moved 300 miles away and so many of my relatives have passed away, there isn't too many of us left to have a party. I did get together with my sons this weekend which always makes my week!
    1789 days ago
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