Thursday, September 17, 2015

As you know I love my new fiber challenge. When I am done with the fiber challenge I plan to take on another healthy challenge. I do have issues with some of the daily tasks. Today we are supposed to channel into our true hunger, or don't eat until we are truly hungry.
I am not sure the creator of this challenge know what that really means for some of us. Have you ever been truly hungry? I have always been a big girl but I have worked 3 jobs at one time to pay my bills and still did not have food to eat. I know what it feels like to truly be hungry. I just do not think I want to intentionally allow myself to get to that point. Maybe that is one of the reasons I eat the way I do. I know what it really feels like to be hungry and I don't want to have to know that feeling again. Maybe I am taking it a bit to the extreme but it's something to think about. Usually when it is time to eat I will eat something. Game time, I will eat something. I do not allow my blood sugar to get below 67, because I hate being shaky, and dizzy and at times not being able to get up enough strength to go fix something to eat. That is the reason I keep crackers and snack cups of apple sauce and fruit in my room, not because I am greedy or lazy. So how do you handle an issue like this? If I wait until I am truly hungry I would have a love sugar episode. I eat what I need to keep going and that's what I thought the goal of nutrition was, and I still have trouble meeting my calorie goal of 1900-2400 per day. Today's total was 990. If I didn't eat by time, I would not be eating during the day and eating all night. What am supposed to do? I was told not getting enough calorie is keeping me from losing weight. Isn't working out and cutting back on calories, what is supposed to cause you to lose weight? I just don't understand this diet/ life style change thing. What can I do to fix this so that I can eat just enough for me, work out and still lose weight? AGAIN, I NEED HELP!
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  • CEEMEE11
    advice of your Dr. Wish you good luck in your journey but please ask a professional. We all know you do mot play with major health issues
    1585 days ago
  • CEEMEE11
    Perhaps you should speak to her ir your Dr to have thru better explain what you need and fon't need. Sparks people is just a guide and a good one but i am sure they hope if you are having medical issues you are doing what they suggest with the
    1585 days ago
  • CEEMEE11
    our bodies need so many calories for us to just stay alive. That is what your BMR I'd. If you are not getting enough calories your body will go into starvation mode and you will mot lose weight. I rake it you are a diabetic.
    1585 days ago
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