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Zero Calorie Foods Are Not Really Zero!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I recently discovered a frightening fact. According to the FDA, manufacturers can claim a food has zero calories when in fact the food only has to claim it has LESS THAN 5 CALORIES PER SERVING!!

What a wake up call. I have the proof directly from the FDA guidelines right here. Have a look. (excerpt from FDA website)

Calorie content claims. (1) The terms "calorie free," "free of calories," "no calories," "zero calories," "without calories," "trivial source of calories," "negligible source of calories," or "dietarily insignificant source of calories" may be used on the label or in the labeling of foods, provided that:

(i) The food contains less than 5 calories per reference amount customarily consumed and per labeled serving.

How scary is that?? We all depend on the food labels to tell us exactly what is in the product we are buying...don't we? How many hidden calories do we consume on a daily basis? How is that effecting our weight loss program?

Next time you buy a "zero calorie" food or artificial sweetner, REMEMBER, it probably has more like 4 calories you aren't accounting for when you look at your daily calorie range.

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