Internist appointment today, and hospice meeting set up for Friday

Monday, September 14, 2015

Today I had an appointment with my internist. We had a good visit. I brought up to him the fact that my tachycardia seems to be getting worse, and I can't do much activity-wise without my heart rate getting into the 130s, even just being on my feet long enough to wash a few dishes, and I think that is part of the reason for my fatigue, along with the anemia. I'm not really worried about the tachycardia; I know it was at least partly brought on by the all the chemo I've been on in the past, but I was just tired of it making me feel so tired, you know what I mean?

Anyway, he suggested trying Toprol, a beta blocker, to bring the heart rate down. The only down side is that it can lower blood pressure, and mine is lower than normal to begin with, so he is starting me out at the lowest possible dose to see how I do on that. He said if we can we can get my heart rate down, I might feel like I have a little more energy. Since it can cause sleepiness, he suggested taking it at bedtime, so I will try it for the first time tonight. And if I don't have any bad side effects, we can increase the dose if needed.

I also got my flu shot while I was there today.

Penny took me to my appointment today, for which I was very thankful. After that, we went to Rite Aid, and she took my prescription in for me while I waiting in the car. When she found out it was going to be more than a few minutes wait, she bought a bottle of water and brought it out to me. I was glad to have her with me when I went to the hospital after that for my lab work; I was pretty tired out by then and she insisted I use a wheelchair. (Hopefully, if this Toprol works, it will help me to feel a little stronger too so that it's not so tiring to walk and stand.)

I have my meeting with hospice set up for Friday too, at 2pm. They will send someone to my house, and Penny and another a good friend of mine will also be there. I told them both to feel free to ask any questions they wanted. I'm also writing down my own questions as I think of them.
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