Best friend is back in town!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Penny got here in town yesterday, and she is staying on through until my birthday, which is the 27th.

This morning, she took me to Walmart to do some shopping. I don't normally shop there, as I don't like their grocery department as well as I do Meijer, but I needed a few things from the general merchandise area that are much cheaper there. Even using the electric cart, the trip tired me out. Just to be on the safe side, I used my Thursday standing order (yes, I know it's Friday, but they allowed me to use it today) the one I have as a "backup" in case my hemoglobin starts to drop so fast that I need the blood counts checked twice instead of just once per week. Hopefully my tiredness is just from the mild bronchitis, but my hemoglobin could be veering down towards "transfusion time" again too.

I decided to see if I could set up a meeting with Hospice next Friday afternoon, on the 18th. I called the woman I talked to there before, using the number on her business card, but I just got her voicemail. If she doesn't call back today, her email address is on there too, so I will email her over the weekend and hopefully she'll see it by Monday. My 2 best friends want to be in on the first meaning, and that is why I am trying to set it up for Friday, as that is the day that works best for all 3 of us.
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