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Beck Blue Foundation Strategy #10: Capture "worth it" memories

Monday, September 07, 2015

I don't remember this one from Beck Pink! If anybody does, jog my elbow.

But seriously, this is something that is SO key to maintaining... and to long-term losing when the going gets tough. With this foundational strategy, the authors encourage us to collect and preserve moments when we felt the effort was SO WORTH IT!

I had a parallel concept in my own journeying that I called "giggle points". These were the serendipity realizations that I could *do* something I didn't used to be able to do: crawl over the transom of the car when I was parked too tight to get in on the driver's side; flip over on my tummy in the bathtub; catch myself running spontaneously because my child was doing so; somebody saying I had a "runner's build"... who, me? Or that "my tiny frame" only needed so many calories (tiny? ME?)

These ARE important, and today I was looking back at my facebook memories... to find that:

Five years ago today I posted the following Spark People status: "completed week 3 workout 3 of Couch to 5K running plan". TWO years ago yesterday, I was at the finish line of day 1 of a Double Half Mary, with KPETSCHE:
And two years ago today, the finish line of the second half marathon of the event:

Memories of these things are among my "worth it" collection. Yours may look quite different: dancing at a grandchild's wedding, fitting into that "hot" dress, overcoming health obstacles, being cancer free for X years, many, many motivations. Memories of compliments. Memories of achievements. Memories of shared joy and feeling good as a result of establishing healthy habits. Anything that made you "feel good" about your efforts go into these memories!

And the longer I keep at it, the fuller that box of memories becomes. It's worth it. WE are worth taking care of.

So enjoy life, stick to strengthening those resistance muscles, and build that collection of memories to get you through the tough times. And then live just TODAY, today. For LIFE is served up one day at a time!

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