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Me? Crazy? I should get down off this Unicorn and Slap You!

Friday, September 04, 2015

Me? Crazy? I should get down off this unicorn and slap you!

OK this has nothing to do with anything, other than the fact that I loved the quote. I was thinking about this yesterday, when my darling daughter, Mary Fran, came home from work, bearing food. She had a container with not one, not two, but three cinnamon rolls in it. The place she works makes their own cinnamon rolls, and I assume they are quite tasty. She said, Mom, I would offer you one, but I know you don't want it. I looked at her and smiled, and said, not only do I not want it, I don't want YOU to want it.

She proceeded to eat a cinnamon roll while she was talking to me. I was somewhat flabbergasted, but then I thought, well, if you are going to eat something, I am glad you do it with gusto, and like it. I told her that cinnamon rolls were useless calories (I am TRYING not to be a food preacher!!), and she said, but Mom, they are really good!...big smile...I LOVE my girl.

She's right. They probably are good, but I'm not ever going to eat one again. That kind of stuff doesn't matter to me as much as my focus and path and good health does. I'm doing too well to be done in by a cinnamon roll.

My daughter is very funny and I told her about this graphic. She thought it was as awesome as I do. She said, Mom, write about unicorns. I said, there is no such thing. She said, well, that's the point, isn't it. Yep. There is no such thing as unicorns, and there is only you preventing you from eating a free cinnamon roll that comes walking into your house.

Realize always, that healthy and fit tastes better than any cinnamon roll ever did. I went and got some grapes and ate them while my daughter finished her cinnamon roll. She said, Mom, now you are making me feel bad. Why? I asked. She said, I know I should be eating grapes with you. I said, love, you will get there, and I will be here when you do.

Spark on.
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    I'm so sorry I missed your post this day! It was a busy day and I was barely home to do my Sparking, so that's my excuse. LOL

    What makes it so apropos is that we went to our friend Bill's for dinner Friday night. Bill is diabetic, and yet he had not one, not two, but THREE bags of "cookie bits" that he got at the Grocery Outlet. They are crispy cookies that pretty much crumble when you look at them. He put out a bowl for us and then took out half of the cookies to put into a separate bowl for himself. I wanted to say "BILL! You're diabetic! Why do you even have these in your house???" But I held my tongue. You can't force people off their unicorns. You can't even tell them that the unicorn they're riding isn't real. They have to discover it for themselves.

    You know what's really interesting about cinnamon rolls? (They, along with donuts, were always one of my major weaknesses. Getting control over that craving showed me that I am winning the battle with myself on my own health and fitness.) OK, that wasn't what was interesting, but I had to share. Anyway, what's amazing is that cinnamon is supposed to be a really beneficial spice for helping to regulate blood sugar. Somehow, when you put it in the middle of a big hunk of dough, and then top it with gooey frosting, I think it loses some of its effects.

    Spark on, Jane!
    emoticon (No unicorn emoticons, but here's another imaginary creature.)
    2055 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    My daughters always tell me to love myself when I won't indulge in fattening food like that! I always tell them that I do love myself and this is why I don't eat that kind of food.
    We all have to learn in our own time what we should and should not eat but at least they are watching us and we are good role models so when they do choose to get healthier, they will know how!
    Great job in passing up the cinnamon roll and for choosing grapes instead!
    2055 days ago
    I do have an occasional cinnamon roll. Moderation is key, as long as I can leave the vicinity of those cinnamon rolls after I have part of one! emoticon
    2056 days ago
    Can you write like this every day! It was awesome to remind me of when I started this journey.
    2057 days ago
    Well, now that we have seen each other," said the unicorn, "if you'll believe in me, I'll believe in you.”
    ― Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland And Through The Looking Glass
    2057 days ago
  • no profile photo JEANNETTE59
    emoticon on all accounts, you weren't tempted, you didn't lecture and you set a good example emoticon
    2057 days ago
    good for you for not caving to temptation, and for not preaching.

    there are definitely things that 'are not worth the calories' for me, so I don't eat them. Donuts come to mind. Sure, I ate them in the past. But they are not something I crave.

    If I'm going to splurge, it needs to be on something that I REALLY want. At times, that has been a cinnamon pastry. Whatever the splurge, it's a very small portion, and it's no more than once a week.

    there are plenty of other treats that I love that fit in with everyday eating (fruit, adding honey to my plain yogurt, extra dark chocolate, etc.)
    2057 days ago
    Great Blog, great self control, I am working on sweets (my nemeses) Some day I will get there and will be able to say a firm NO to them also! emoticon jane, you are very inspirational!

    emoticon Elaine/Azure
    2057 days ago
    Good for you for resisting temptation. Way to go!
    2057 days ago
    The quote reminds me of another unicorn one I like, "always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn..." It is so hard to keep your mouth shut sometimes. Sometimes I want to ask my daughter, seriously??? you're really going to eat that????? not my deal, hopefully she will catch on and take better care of herself. I used to love cinnamon rolls and such but now they don't really appeal. Thank goodness my tastes have changed to go with my changed habits.
    2057 days ago
    YES YES YES . . . . cimmaron rolls are tasty, tempting, terrible for your health!

    My DD will come home with junk like that and we have similar conversations. I don't chastise her for eating it just remind her that it's not good for me and can't eat it. She will eat it in front of me, which is ok. Honestly, someday she'll learn by my example, but NOT TODAY!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that post. Mental image!

    2057 days ago
    great quote! Stick to your guns!
    2057 days ago
    Pretty awesome relationship between you and your daughter. 😄 Good for you for not giving in. 😋 Keep up the good work. BTW I believe in unicorns especially when they make me wear my pink sparkley coat that makes me hug myself. Hahaha!!
    2057 days ago
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