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September goals and my Pinterest project

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

I am getting closer and closer to goal and maintenance. Many people say maintenance is harder than losing the weight, so that has me a bit worried, but I feel if I keep doing what I have done for the past 2 1/2 years I will be ok. I knew at the beginning these had to be changes I could live with until the end of time. I'm honestly extremely happy with the weight I've been at for the past few months even though I keep losing, so if I stop now, that would be ok too. If the scale goes down a little more, sweet! I have 152 as my end goal only because I wanted to hit 50% of my weight. At 154 I would be considered a "healthy" BMI, so that would be good, but I'm not going to kill myself or do anything different than I'm doing now so I can reach that magical number.

I've never written out my goals before, but since I wanted to start blogging more, I thought this would be a great place to put down the things I have in my head I want to accomplish this month.

1. Hit my step goal of 10,000 steps every day for the month of September. (36 days in a row and counting right now!)

2. Only go over 25 g of net carbs 2 times this month. I haven't went over since July, but I have a few Labor Day/football parties this month and I may want to splurge a bit with food and/or a drink or two. Not to say I can't do that and stay in range because I have many times before, but I like to give myself a little wiggle room if I choose to splurge.

3. Take all of my vitamins for the month! Sometimes on the weekends I forget!

4. Blog AT LEAST once per week, and possibly start blogging about more personal stuff that I've been going through just to get it out.

There you have it, nothing fancy. Just trying to stay on track and continue along on this journey! Now, I have to share my motivational weight loss jars I made at the beginning of this journey. I'm sure many of you have seen these on Pinterest or maybe even made them. My son saw mine the other day and couldn't believe it considering where all the beads started! This pic was taken a couple of pounds ago, so the "Pounds to Go" is even a little emptier now.

With the comfort I am at with my weight, I thought about retiring the jars, but I might keep them around for a while longer just to see. I'm also sharing another side-by-side pic. The after is the same that's posted on my page and I have the before in my other pics, but I put them side by side and feel it's a better representation of just how big I was.

Thank you all for your continued encouragement and support. I definitely couldn't do it without ALL of you. Every time I see someone I haven't seen in a while they ask what I've done to lose the weight. The obvious hard work and exercise, healthy eating, etc, but I always point anyone and everyone to Spark. This community is one of my main reasons for being this successful. For that, I thank all of you!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I need some changes and so refreshing to read your blogs.
    I have never left Sparking, but need to use it more.
    Thanks for sharing! Keep up the amazing fun work!!:)
    1953 days ago
    Sorry I'm just getting around to reading this, but I'm so glad I did! You are just amazing and it's incredible how far you've come. You should be SO, SO, SO proud of yourself. :) And thank you for sharing all this with us too because it's so incredibly motivating! I love your glasses, and yes, I've seen them on Pinterest too! I may have to borrow this idea. :) Have a great week, girl! GO BUCKS! 2-0!!! :)
    2046 days ago
    WOW What a difference!! Great job!!
    I've been maintaining since January and it has a different kind of feeling then losing weight. Not really more difficult but maybe a little more boring. It's not as exciting since people get used to your new weight and the congratulations stop. The more boring the higher risk of going back to eating badly to cure the boredom. Definitely try to keep the excitement.
    I've been using muscle building, running races and group classes to keep myself in the healthy lifestyle and not gain back all of my weight. Meeting others in the same boat really helps!
    That before and after picture is AMAZING! What progress!! emoticon
    Happy friday and have a great weekend!!
    2056 days ago
    You've done an amazing job! I LOVE doing side by side pics to see all the progress we've made. Keep doing what you're doing and maintenance will be just as "easy" as losing. Congrats!
    2058 days ago
    I love your before and after photos....and you are looking amazing (and so much younger than in the first photo!).

    I lost 121 pounds finishing at 131 pounds, but failed miserably at maintenance. I think it was because straight off I went on holiday for a month, so was out of my exercise and diet routine, and then soon after that had several upsetting experiences, and bam....before I knew it I was back into my old habits and unable to stop. Also, it's hard getting on the scales and not seeing the number going down.

    This time I'll be more prepared hopefully. I wish you all the best as you enter into this new stage of your journey. emoticon emoticon
    2058 days ago
    I'm one who doesn't see maintaining as necessarily harder just different. It is in some ways but it's also easier in other ways. I see improved fitness goals as my thing to keep moving towards instead of weight so that was an easy switch for me.

    What is hard for me is not having the deficits as wiggle room for splurging so I have to think about things differently in that respect. I've started thinking of it more as I can get them if I need them afterwards to help balance things out as they occur. If anything this is the fight I've been having in maintenance that is difficult, how to go about this type of thing because I am going to occasionally splurge. And it's more a mental thing. As for food I eat what I've been enjoying as I lost which was just finding new loves that support a healthy weight and make me happy to continue eating in everyday life just like you mentioned. It's the abnormal situations that I am learning to balance differently. And activity I do what I always did that I enjoy as well.

    I'm curious though what all the different reasons people think that maintaining is harder though since I've only run into that one thing. Maybe it depends on your personality type what is considered harder or not.
    2058 days ago
    You're doing fantastic! I think maintenance is harder, but only because your reward is staying the same, so you don't get the high from achieving something like seeing a loss on the scale. You'll have to change your thinking about what success is! Great goals!
    2058 days ago
    I love the jar idea! I might have to start doing something like that...I like having visual reminders. :)

    Your goals look great! Good luck! (And why is remembering vitamins so freaking hard?! I'm trying to get on an iron supplement regularly so I can donate blood regularly without worrying about my iron level, and I never remember to take it at night.)
    2058 days ago
    You look great! Congratulations
    2058 days ago
    What great progress you have made!! A very inspiring blog!! Way to go!!
    2058 days ago
    I have similar jars but with a twist. In mine I have marbles from the craft store and every 25th one is larger and star shaped. It feels super good when I get to transfer a star.
    2058 days ago
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