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Sneaking Back And Santa Baby Chapter 14

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

I'm still off track with both eating and working out. I'm so not happy with myself about that. I am, however, making some progress on at least one of my WIP.

And on that note, here is Chapter 14 of Santa Baby!

Chapter 14

“The Doc believes they were poisoned in some way. Most have shifted into their animal form for healing.”

Chris looked speechless! “Poisoned? Are you fu*king kidding me?” he hissed in a strangled voice. He ran his hands through his hair before dropping them to his side; fists clenched.

Jamie gasped, her hand covering her mouth. Poisoned? She thought in shock, Oh God! Kandy! What if Rudy was one of the shifters affected? It just might kill Kandy to lose him!

“How bad are they?” Chris growled. Looking around, he spotted his outerwear where he’d dropped it on the floor. He strode to the pile, tossing questions at Olson as he layered his gear on. “You said Doc’s with them? How many are hurt? How were they poisoned?” He zipped his parka and snow pants before looking back at Olson, waiting for answers.

“Six of the Reindeer team are down; four shifted as soon as they realized something was wrong.” Olson recited. “Two others were unable to shift. Doc has them stabilized in the ICU. She’s running tests now to figure out what poison was used and how it was administered.”

Jamie walked to where Chris stood, his face mask in one hand. She touched his arm feeling how tense he was. He looked down at her with pain filled eyes. It was his team, his people who were hurt and in danger.

“I’ll go with you. With my training maybe I can help the doctor." She wanted to help. To ease some of the pain she saw in his eyes and stress from his body "Please, Chris," she pleaded, "Let me help." Chris looked at her hand on his arm, then into her eyes. He saw nothing but concern and love in them.

"Jamie, I don't-"

Olson interrupted him. "I'd recommend against that, sir." His eyes moved between them. "We're not sure what's going on yet. If this is a personal attack against you, she may be in danger out there." He jerked his head toward the door and the town on the other side of it.

Chris had drawn Jamie closer to his body at the thought she might be in danger from someone in HIS town.

"IF it's a personal attack on me?" His voice low and rough glaring at the other man. "It feels very personal to me. Targeting the people that I consider family IS very personal to me." He looked at the woman in his arms. "But yeah, you're right, Olson. She would be a target."

"Hey, I'm right here!" Jamie protested. "Don't talk about me as if I'm not here!" She looked between the two men. "I can take of myself and I can help. Chris, please let-". Chris was shaking his head before she even finished her plea to help.

"No," his voice was firm now. "I will not put you in any danger, baby. I need you stay here where it's safe. I need to focus on finding the man behind the break-ins at NPI and this attack on my team. I can't do that knowing you're out there and a possible target."

"But sweetheart..." she started to protest, only to be interpreted by Olson.

"We need to go, Sir," he moved toward the door, "We need to move fast if we're to find the target."

Chris nodded at the big man before releasing Jamie and stepping back, pulling his face mask over the top his head, but not covering his face yet. He pulled her close again, kissing her one last time.

"I'm asking you to stay here, Jamie." His eyes searched hers looking for her cooperation, "Promise me you won't leave this apartment." It wasn't a question, but a plea for her to stay safe.

With a sigh, she nodded her head, "Fine." She replied, giving him the promise he wanted. "I'll stay here. But Chris..." He placed one finger over her lips.

“Shh, sweetheart. It's not isn’t open for negations. You need to do as I ask OK?”

“Yeah, OK,” she agreed. “I’ll call Kandy. I’m worried about her if Rudy is hurt.”

Chris stepped away from her, zipping his parka up and sliding his gloves onto his hands. “Sounds like a good plan. She’ll need someone with her, but have her come here. You’ll both be safe and in one spot when I-“ he stopped “we have everything under control.” She nodded and watched as Chris pulled his face mask down than yanked the hood of his parka hood over his head. All she could see were his turquoise eyes.

“Please be careful Chris,” her voice low and shaky; “I have a bad feeling about this.” She hated it when the icy unease washed over her. While she could never define what was going to happen, something always did. Most of the time, it wasn’t anything good.

“I will, sweetheart,” his face mask muffled his voice. “You stay here.” He reached out and tapped her nose with one gloved finger.

“Sir?” Olson spoke from where he stood next to the door. “We need to move.”

Chris nodded and turned toward the man. Olson opened the door and stepping into the doorway, he peered out into the darkness outside looking for threats. Once he decided the way was clear, he signaled Chris to follow him out. Chris walked out of the door, pulling it closed behind him. Jamie wrapped her arms around herself, shivering from the cold air and the unease prickling along her nerves. Dropping her arms, she sighed walking to where her phone lay on the counter in the kitchen. She flicked the screen with one finger. She found Kandy’s name in her contacts and hit Send. Please don’t let anything more have happened to Rudy, she thought to herself, He and Kandy are too good for anything-

“Jamie?” Kandy’s voice was low and gritty. Jamie heard the tears in her voice. “Oh, Jamie! Rudy’s...” She stopped, unable to go on.

“I know Kandy…I know. Chris just left to go to them.”

“I don’t know…” there was a low, moaning whimper. “I don’t if I can go on without him, Jamie! If he…he…” Kandy’s voice dropped to a whisper. “dies.”

“Oh girlfriend, he’s not going to die. Chris won’t allow that to happen.” Given the circumstances, Jamie made her voice as soothing as she could. “Look why don’t you come up here with me? I’ll make us some hot cocoa, and we’ll wait for word from Chris together.”

“I…I…don’t know Jamie.” Kandy hesitated. “What if Chris or someone comes looking for me?”

“Chris knows where you’ll be. Just come up here. You shouldn’t be alone right now. We can get through this together, Kandy.” There was a long minute of silence on the other end of the phone. “Please?” she added.

There was an audible gulp from Kandy’s end, “OK. Give a few minutes and I’ll be right up.”

“Good. I’ll start the cocoa.” A small smile crossed Jamie’s lips.

“And Jamie…” she could hardly hear her friend now, “thank you.” And with that, the phone went silent. Jamie sat her phone down on the counter. I'll get the cocoa started, she thought. It wouldn't take Kandy long to join her since Jamie rented the apartment over the garage where she and Rudy lived.

A lone figure watched as the two bundled-up men left the small apartment. His eyes tracked them as they moved to where two snowmobiles sat in the road. He stepped back into the deeper shadows as the machines roared to life he watched them pull away until they swallowed by darkness. Stepping out into the road, he crossed to the door the men had just exited. His smile was cold as he climbed the stairs, stopping in front of the woman’s door. He reached into the pocket of his long leather duster, pulling out a sparkling snowflake shaped object. It glinted in the light over the door, icy blue and deadly looking. He was careful in how he handled it, given with what each point was coated with. He looked around to be sure he was alone before raising his hand to knock on the door.

A slow knock sounded on her door. Frowning, she walked across the room and pulled the door open. "That was fast-" expecting to see her best friend, she broke off on seeing a strange man standing on her doorstep. He was tall. His hair was short and spiked with the tip of each one a pale blue color and frosted with glitter. His cold blue eyes gazed down at her. Jamie took a quick step back, trying to push the door closed. He reached out gripping her arm in a hard clasp.

"Who the h*ll are you?" she gasped struggling to free herself.

"Who I am isn't important,” his voice was hard. "It's who YOU are that’s important."

Jamie saw something glinting in his other hand as his arm came up in a swift arc. She let out a surprised yelp at the sting in her neck when he stuck her with what looked like snowflake ornament. Instantly blackness edged her vision, and her knees started to buckle.

Kandy walked to the bottom of the stairs leading up to Jamie's place. Something wasn't right. There was more light on the stairs than the single bulb over the door could provided. She looked up and gasped. Jamie's door was standing wide open. With both arms out, she gripped the railings on each side as she climbed the stairs.

"Jamie?" she called out, stopping in the open door. "Jamie...where are you?" No one answered.

"JAMIEEEEEEE!!!!" She screamed into the cold room. Oh god…first Rudy and now Jamie. She stepped inside fumbling to take her phone out of her pocket. Ripping her gloves off, she opened her phone, scrolling to Chris's name in her contacts. A glittering near the door caught her attention. A sparkling snowflake lay on the floor just inside of the room. By the time Chris answered his phone, she was sobbing.

"Chris....Jamie's…Jamie’s gone."
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