Ultrasound of liver scheduled for Thursday

Friday, August 28, 2015

I know it often takes a little time in between when a doctor orders a test, and that test is actually scheduled, but after a week went by and I still had not heard from the hospital after my doctor ordered the ultrasound of my liver, I called the cancer center yesterday morning and left a message to let them know it had not been scheduled.

No one returned my call, but I guess somebody got the message because the hospital called this morning to schedule it. It will be Thursday, September 3rd, at 9am. No special prep is needed for it; I just have to fast for 8 hours before it. The hardest part of the test will actually be the wait for the results, which hopefully, I can get online by the next day. I won't see my oncologist until the 18th, so I am thankful our hospital makes test results available online.

Got a Sparkmail today from a team leader of one of the teams I participate in, when I can, that is. It was sent to everyone on the team, but it was still hard not to take it personally. This person was very upset about lack of participation on the team and the way she worded it came across as very rude. I read it and I thought "Wow! I'm sorry that my cancer is causing an inconvenience to you as a team leader!" I lead my own team, A World of Books, and I would never send out a Sparkmail which chastised any member of the team. And there are also times, with my illness, that I'm not even able to visit my own team every day, let alone someone else's. Well, that is my little vent for the day; now that I have gotten it out, I feel better!
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    I have been off SP the last two weeks because of an IPad meltdown and just read all your emails I missed! Wow, lots going on! I am glad Timmy is doing well after his seizure! I love your new cart! I am sorry you have been so tired and needed transfusions! I am glad Penny has been there to help you!
    I feel so sad you are having to deal with the progression of your cancer and that things are changing that limit your treatment options! You are a good person and wish I could do something for you...know you are in my thoughts and prayers and I care!
    Love and many hugs, my friend!
    1805 days ago
  • JUDITH316
    Dearest Shari, I am so sorry that happened, bottom line we all love you on our Team and you are a rich blessing to us all. My prayers are with you for Thursday's Liver test, standing with you and believing for a good report...Love you Shari and thanks for your valued friendship and support, you are such an inspiration to me, God's Blessings and BIG HUGS.... emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1805 days ago
    Dear Shari,
    I am sorry to hear of your experience with that Spark team. It is meant to be a supportive environment for everyone, no matter how much time they are able to devote to teams. If they actually read your blogs when they appear on the team page, they would have a better idea of your situation and not give you a hard time. Perhaps the person involved is under a lot of stress - I still hope this doesn't happen again though.
    Wishing you all the very best for the ultrasound and saying special prayers for that along with my daily ones for you my dear friend.
    Love and big hugs, Nattacia

    emoticon emoticon
    1805 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    If that sparker is in appropriate, click on that thingie or go to the tech page,, they a re not a spark friend to anybody if they are bullying or rude. Offering suggestions or asking for possible things to help "spark" interest on the team are appropriate,, s=chastising members is NOT... Let them know it!!
    1806 days ago
    Prayers for a good test on your liver on Thursday.
    I am so sorry you have such an unfeeling or unthinking leader on that team. Don't worry about it though. Maybe she is just under a lot of stress. I will add her to my prayer list too.
    Glad to see you are taking it one day at a time.
    Prayers, blessings, love and hugs, dear girl.
    1806 days ago
  • JANET552
    Sending prayers for the ultrasound. I'm glad the prep is minimal.

    I also got that e-mail from the team leader. I quit the team immediately. I understand she has been upset about lack of participation for quite awhile now and since I often do not think of the team every day, I decided it was best to just get out. I'm sure her email wasn't personal but it can be hard not to look at it that way.

    I hope you are having a good weekend.
    1807 days ago
  • GABY1948
    PRAYING here, Shari emoticon
    1808 days ago
    Glad you were able to write about the unthinking team leader - and I hope writing about it allowed you to "let it go". Will be keeping you in my prayers as you go wait for the results of Thursday's test.
    1808 days ago
    I'll be thinking of you when you have your test. I'm sorry for the Sparkmail you received. Take care of yourself.
    1808 days ago
    I will be praying for good results from your ultrasound. As far as that rude team leader is concerned, ignore her. You do more than most people on teams and they aren't facing half of what you are facing, my friend. Yo areloved by those that matter. emoticon
    1809 days ago
    It's a shame how rude some people can be. Don't worry, my friend, we love you and we understand! God bless you!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1809 days ago
    Shari, (re: Team Leader) you know the saying- "Hurting people, hurt people." Sad, she probably needs a Hug. She or He are feeling rejected by her team.(meaning no one is taking time to check in)
    Please don't take it personally. You are a wonderful, loving person, with the largest challenge possible.
    I'm glad your test is scheduled. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.( I'm having a Hurricane Party. You're invited emoticon )
    Hugs & Prayers
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1809 days ago
    Wow about the rude email from a team leader! I lead a team and the last thing I would ever do is chastise the members for not being active. I do send out monthly sparkmail newsletters and encourage people to participate, but chastise? Yep, that always works...make people feel bad and then they'll be happy to join :P

    I'll be praying the test is quick and easy and that results are available on or before schedule.
    1809 days ago
    We are all here for you 100% plus! You are so inspiring to us with your upbeat attitude. As for the team leader she was not understanding as she should be. I am the leader of one team only and when I do not hear from someone I send them a goodie saying I miss them and ask if they are alright. That is what she should have done. Hope the liver scan goes well and the results are great ones. Thinking of you and sending loving, healing hugs. Pat
    1809 days ago
    Sorry that you got that email. Not what you need right now. Glad you wrote about it. Sending special prayers!
    1809 days ago
    I continue to give pray covering to all that concerns you, Shari. And you can know that I am giving prayer on your behalf double time in these days leading up to that liver test & beyond. God be with you!

    As for that team leader's chastisement about lack of participation, I'd just ignore it. As we all realize, there are only so many minutes in a day & no one has the right to determine how one should spend those minutes.

    God bless & keep you under His wing of provision & protection, Shari!

    1809 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    We don't need rude Team leaders. I dropped off an earlier Team & the 5 others I was on after getting a strong e-mail basically explaining I didn't live up to the Team expectations and needed to get up to par or drop off. I've just recently gotten back on one. I hope you sent your thoughts back in a reply.

    You are an awesome person doing what you can (gracefully) with the cards life has dealt you.


    1809 days ago
    Prayers and blessings Shari on your Liver Ultrasound.I would also ignore
    the rude Team Leader as well. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1809 days ago
    Hugs for your ultrasound day.
    I'm sorry to read about the team leader talking that way. We are here to help each other.
    God bless you friend. Sending my warm gentle hugs.
    Have a nice evening and weekend.
    emoticon emoticon
    1809 days ago
    1809 days ago
    Forget the negative. You are anot amazing woman!

    1809 days ago
    Good luck with the scans! Hopefully, you will get quick results! Please don't give that team leader another thought. You are on teams for you.....not to please anyone else! Have a good weekend!
    1809 days ago
    Hoping everything goes well with the ultrasound. But no matter what the news, it is better to be informed and in the dark. About the team leader, don't sweat it. Yes I know it hurts. But consider the source. emoticon emoticon
    1809 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5707126
    It is awful when leaders take team participation as a personal place to be rude and condemning. I have had it happen a couple of times and that has been my clue to depart.
    My thoughts and prayers continue with you. I hope that the results of your tests will be better than expected.
    1809 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14402600
    Best wishes to you as you take this test. You have been through a lot. Very sorry to hear that someone could be so rude to complain that you haven't participated on her/his team! They need to walk a mile in your shoes. Sad, but I have heard other stories like this on Sparkpeople. It's a place to come for help and encouragement--not to be shamed for not being on a team. Hope this person gets a wake up call!!!
    1809 days ago
    I certainly wish you the very best outcome with your ultrasound. I am also glad that you expressed your feelings about the comment. You have enough going on, so stayed filled with positive energy, love and gratitude...and unload the negative.
    1809 days ago
    Will send a special prayer for your test date and results. Also, when I've gotten that type of email, I immediately quit the team. Please check my list of teams and tell me if it's any one of mine that sent you the email. There is no excuse for sending that type of message out.
    1809 days ago
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