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Beck Blue: The Chapter 1 Quiz

Sunday, August 23, 2015

All the Beck books are about Cognitive Behavior Therapy's approach to being successful in following whatever program you have chosen to use for weight loss (or maintenance). Beck Blue, officially titled "The Diet Trap Solution: Train Your Brain to Lose Weight" by Judith S. Beck, PhD, and Deborah Beck Busis, casts the challenges in the form of "Diet Traps".

Chapter One introduces the concept of cognitive behavior therapy and how it works, and then wraps up by getting right down to business. It offers a 24 question quiz to help you identify the specific "Diet Traps" that you have trouble with. The remainder of the book will offer up first foundation strategies, and then cover the specific traps that you've identified by means of taking the quiz.

So, ready? Here are the 24 questions. You answer each with a rating of your own likelihood:
Not at all likely - 0
Slightly likely - 1
Moderately likely - 2
Very likely - 3

Add up the points at the end of each section, and it tells you how likely you are to fall into that section's "trap". A score of 5 or above in a total, pay special attention to that section of the book.

Stress section:
1. How likely are you to use food to relax after a stressful day? 1
2. How likely are you to turn to fast food or less-healthy, easy-access food options when you're stressed? 1
3. How likely are you to say to yourself, "I am too busy to diet right now"? 0

Total: 2 (Several of these sections would have got much different answers years ago. Some of this is actual changes that have taken place in my thinking. But part of it is increasing self-awareness and being able to tell the difference between "stress" and "emotional response to stress"!)

Emotional eating section:
4. How likely are you to turn to food when you're upset? 2
5. How likely are you to eat more than you should when you're tired, bored, or procrastinating? 3
6. How likely are you to think, "Eating is the only thing that helps me feel better" /or "If I'm upset I deserve to eat"? 1

Total: 6 (Clearly one I need to work on, even now!)

Food Pushers section:
7. How likely are you to say to yourself, "I have to eat it; I don't want to be rude."? 0
8. How likely are you to cave to peer pressure when people urge you to drink or eat more than you think you should? 0
9. How likely are you to feel unentitled to turn down food that isn't on your eating plan? 0

Total: 0 (This is one that I might have answered differently years ago.)

Family problems section:
10. How likely are you to overeat when your family upsets you? 2
11. How likely are you to go off plan during family meals or gatherings? 1
12. How likely are you to keep your family happy instead of doing what you need to do to lose weight (examples: keeping "high risk" foods in the house, accommodating the family's eating schedule, putting away leftovers yourself)? 0

Total: 3 (Since I live alone, I can't lie to myself about why I am choosing to put food in my house! But even if they don't live with me, I can still be upset by things that happen with family members, and I still go to family gatherings.)

Travel and eating out section:
13. How likely are you to go to a restaurant or an event without a plan for what you're going to eat? 0
14. How likely are you to say "All diets are off!" while on vacation? 0
15. How likely are you to overindulge when you're out socially? 1

Total: 1 (Here's another one that years ago would have had a much different score... used to be eating out and vacations were a field day for the binge monster within! But my priorities and preferences have changed!)

Holidays section:
16. How likely are you to see holiday parties as a "diet-free zone"? 0
17. How likely are you to say to yourself, "I'll start watching my eating once the holidays are over"? 1
18. How likely are you to gain more than one or two pounds during the holiday season? 2

Total: 3 (I never much used holidays as an excuse... when I separate out the actual eating triggers, it's more the emotions than the events!)

Psychological issues section:
19. How likely are you to feel discouraged or burdened by dieting? 1
20. How likely are you to feel a sense of deprivation or unfairness when you see what other people are eating? 0
21. How likely are you to say to yourself, "No wonder I can't lose weight - I'm unmotivated" or "I have no willpower"? 0

Total: 1 (Yet another that would have had a different response in the past.)

Getting off track section:
22. How likely are you to criticize yourself or skip meals after you've overeaten? 1
23. How likely are you to say to yourself, "I've already blown it for the day so I might as well eat what I want today and start my diet again tomorrow"? 3
24. How likely are you to have difficulty getting back on track the day after you've gone off track? 2

Total: 6 (Clearly one I need to work on, even now!)

Working through this exercise made it clear to me two things: first, that the hard work of dealing with triggers is worth it, and one CAN change over time. Five years of maintaining the current loss, tightening down the maintenance range rather than having the HUGE regain I know I am capable of... shows the value of the cognitive behavior approach. Some of this I learned before I even read my first Beck book, because I had worked directly with a therapist on other issues and it came out there... but the books lay it right out there, without going to therapy in person!

Second, that I still have two big "trap" areas that give me trouble: dealing with emotions and recovery from lapses.

As I work my way through later chapters, which I will do in order... if it's an area where I have made progress, I'll talk about my experience and when/how things "clicked" for me... what did I do? How did I change? What were the "a-ha" moments?

If it's an area where I am still working, I'll talk about what I'm trying currently or what I plan to try from among the book's suggestions.

All that said... Chloe Jones (the indoor pool) is calling my name... I ran 7 miles with the group yesterday morning... and I'm looking for zen in the pool! emoticon

Have a blessed and peaceful Sunday, all! Because LIFE is served up one day at a time! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Well, upon taking the quiz, this time it is Holidays and eating out that gets me in trouble.
    The holidays are really not a problem but I know when we eat out I do eat a lot more and love ice cream.
    568 days ago
    After taking the quiz, it appears that my biggest challenges are family, emotional eating, traveling and holidays. But holidays are so connected to family in my case I could almost put these two it their own

    1031 days ago
    I'm getting a head start on the January 2016 trekkers. Thanks for putting all of this info out there! I know I have areas that I need to work on, but this really pinpoints them.
    1624 days ago
  • GABY1948
    This is GREAT! It's a keeper for me emoticon
    1690 days ago
    Great blog - will be extremely helpful to many (me included).
    Interesting the tools we use to get and then keep ourselves on the healthy path after years of 'treating' ourselves poorly...
    Understanding is the key for me - using the major muscle and finding those things that 'trigger' the behavior. Knowing, testing and relearning - all wonderful parts of the cycle...
    1690 days ago
    emoticon emoticon for sharing this!
    1691 days ago
    I've never read any of the Beck books. I might have to swing by the library and check it out...
    1691 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    1691 days ago
    1691 days ago
    These questions are great. I'm not reading Beck and have no plans to, but going through the questions made me think. A couple of them right away I said no, I don't do that anymore, or well, sometimes I might, so I see where I need to work. And, like you said, huge difference in many answers than I would have said 3 years ago. Thanks for sharing with us. Very helpful. Enjoy your swim. --pam
    1691 days ago
    This helped me greatly. Now I know where to focus my energy and effort! Is it OK if I "steal" this and put it on a blog of my own? chris
    1691 days ago
    The Beck offices were close to where I used to work. I check the seminar schedule occasionally but haven't taken the plunge. Guess I should read the books first-or maybe attend first.
    I'm so confused! emoticon
    1691 days ago
    Terrific overview. Love the way Beck blue pinpoints the areas each of us as an individual needs to work on.

    For me (still!!) primarily emotional eating and family section.

    But it's so encouraging to think about how I WOULD have answered these questions "before" and how much cognitive brain training has actually changed the way I think. Yay neuroplasticity! Given our brains ARE continuously changing, may as well deliberately manage that change as much as possible!!

    1691 days ago
    Love your insight, again you are such and inspiration to me, I have to confess, I'm stocking your blogs clear back to the beginning because you are where I want to be and I am loving reading all about your journey, thanks for being so open and honest and sharing your every day life with us.

    Even your morning reminders to your self to eat what is in the bag and take recess are helpful.

    1691 days ago
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