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Sunday, August 23, 2015

I have not weighed myself lately. At last check I had regained all the loss i had achieved over a year ago with the Eat to Live program. Now I am struggling to live by the parameters that eating plan lays down. I have really been struggling against cravings for products with animal proteins in them....which are really just lethal, destroying heart and causing cancer. I find it relatively easy to avoid oil ---except when eating out. Then there is little choice. This month I have eaten out far less than normal, mostly because i've been stuck at home.. on oxygen --and unable to leave home without it. I also have been very weak so it is hard for me to walk around. Yesterday i was in a Walmart that did not, seemingly, have any I used my rolllator walker but could only make it halfway through the store. Breathing became very difficult and my legs were wobbly.

Today I plan to go to church for just the second time in many months. it will be good to see friends. In a few minutes i have to get in the shower. I have found that if I wear my O2 into the shower, it goes a lot better and i don't have to panic because I cannot breathe. This morning somehow I have lost my glasses...i've looked everywhere imaginable...I cannot function without them. If I can't find them by tomorrow, I will have to replace them.

I am not trying to cook gourment meals...I am only cooking for myself now. It has become "every man for himself" due to stubbornness on the part of my husband. So now I often just prepare a couple of vegetablles...or some noodles with frozen veggies tossed in.

I bought an "Instant Pot" which probably was foolish because it really is for larger quantities. But I can make a large meal and freeze it for future use. I have made some veggie stock, so I need to make some soup. i might be able to use heated veggies stock in which to cook noodles....or rice. Maybe I will do that later today...

The next few days are going to be very busy. Tomorrow I have my IV infusion of a medication for my RA. That means I will spend at least half a day at the hospital....and when I get home I have a long list of things to accomplish....many errands.

Well I need to get into the shower now.
Be blessed this Sunday. I encourage you to worship today.
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