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More of my binge foods that need to take a hike away from my kitchen...

Friday, August 21, 2015

A fellow sparker suggested to take a look at my food and see what foods are causing me to go way over my daily goals on the tracker. So, I went back on my tracker and looked at the days that I ate 3000 to 4000 calories. And just about every time I went over, the biggest calorie intakes were french fries, cheese or pizza.

I would order pizzas and eat the whole thing. Sometimes I'd think "I'm totally eating an entire pizza today." And sometimes I'd think, "I'm gonna order a pizza, but I'm only gonna eat two slices and put the rest in the freezer." Sure I'd put it in the freezer, but less than 4 hours later, I'd be taking it out the freezer and heating it up. I'd also, at times, have had a sandwich and fries delivered. The amount of fries this particular restaurant sends is about 1000 calories, and sometimes I could eat just 250 calories worth, but on those big calorie days, I'd eat all 1000 calories worth of french fries.

So, this reminded me of how I've eliminated many foods, that I seem to have no self control on, from my house. Chips, soda, candy, cookies, etc. So, why am I still bringing mass quantities of fries, pizza and cheese into my house? (Actually, I'm not even bringing it, I'm having it delivered!! Ha!)

They're so delicious to the taste, but it's the aftermath that I really hate. I hate the way it makes me feel...tired, guilty, etc. And I hate what it does to my body...indigestion, constipation, etc. These binge days have been keeping me at 280lbs for the last 3 or 4 months, even when most of my days I'm meeting my nutrition goals.

Even when this spark friend suggested to look at my patterns, I instantly knew it's the french fries, but I had forgotten about the pizza and the cheese.

A week ago, I decided to keep cheese out of the house, because I have a hard time resisting eating half a pound at a time. No bueno. Someone else suggested keeping low cal/low fat cheese for cooking, like parmesan and feta. I might try that.

So, if I have eliminated many junk/binge foods from my house, I should make it a goal to not have pizza or fries delivered to my house, either. The plan is, that if I really am craving fries or pizza or cheese, I'm going to go out and get a small order of fries or a single slice of pizza. And if I can find single serving packs of cheese at the grocery store, I'll get them, but I'm absolutely not going to bring a pound or even a half pound into the house.

I'm super happy it's Friday! If I can make it through this weekend without eating like a mad-woman, that'll be super awesome!

Keep on sparking! :)
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  • no profile photo CD15145828

    It's great when we have a true willingness to see what we need to change.
    Good for you! Wishing you well on your journey.
    2003 days ago
    Great work figuring out what is pushing you over your calories so often. Sometimes just understanding what's happening can help us to make a change.

    I know you can get through this weekend without binging. Now just prove to yourself that you can.
    2019 days ago
    It is really smart of you to look at your choices and know which ones do not work. Pizza is obviously a no go. As far as cheese goes, do you like string cheese? I always have some in the house. I get part skim string cheese and it is just 80 calories per package. It is a good alternative to a block of cheese, because you can use portion control.

    Find some alternatives that work for you. I always recommend fruit, as it tastes great, and gives you that sweet taste. Soon, sugar won' t taste good anymore if you eat fruit.

    You CAN do this. Getting junk out of the house, and not allowing yourself to order more is a big part of this.

    Spark on.

    2019 days ago
    Pretty powerful stuff when you take a look back and see your pitfalls. Yep, denial runs deep, yet we honestly are what we eat. You have been given stellar advice about ways to cope and compensate. Heading out for several slices sounds like an awesome idea...if it makes sense to you. It truly makes a significant difference to me if I never let some delicious morsels walk through my door. Some foods are just no bueno for me, (and I love that you used that phrase! Ha) Seriously, there are times I tell this brain of mine to "flip the switch" to get it to reset and think of something else or see a different the food will be there tomorrow, so NO more today. Lastly, I offer my slant on how I group and look at foods. For me, meals are rarely a problem...unless we are eating out and I failed to plan. GrrRrrRrr...I strive to hit my zen macro nutrient combo to stave off the hungries, another benefit of tracking foods. As I don't do hungry, I snack...something healthy to get me to my next meal. Love me a snack. Then I have an occasional treat, like French fries...which I know MUST be in my life for always, so I have a normal (sadly not super sized) serving of fries...ONCE A WEEK, nonnegotiable! My grand finale of foods are my indulgences, that might happen monthly cuz they can't be out of my life forever, I sadly know that they blow my healthy eating habits up, but once a month...worth it to me. To lose weight and keep it gone forever, we each get to decide the changes we can add, make, tweak in our lifestyle and with our relationship with bite, ONE day at a time! Get it girl, deb
    2019 days ago
    Have a good weekend. It sounds like you have taken control of your binge foods. May you be more of a Wonder Woman than a Mad Women this weekend - hope it's great!
    2019 days ago
  • EABL81
    I've been pretty successful at keeping the kinds of foods I used to chow down on out of my house. I find, though, that I can binge on normally healthy (in reasonable quantities) foods as well. I think that recognizing and avoiding your trigger foods is important and can really help. However, it's also important to try to figure out what gets into your head that triggers the binges. I haven't been very successful at figuring this out yet. I'll let you know if I do, if you promise to do the same for me :-)
    2019 days ago
    I do the same thing. Trigger foods are only enjoyed out. You can do this!!!
    2019 days ago
    Everyone has these struggles. Don't be discouraged and you don't totally have to eliminate your favorite food. Simply find healthy alternatives. It's easy to bake fries instead of frying them or making pizza at home where you control the ingredients.
    2019 days ago
    I love peanut butter and it's hard to have it in the house. That's my weakness.
    2019 days ago
    Why don't you make some interesting outdoor plans which doesn't reminds you of pizza or fries.. I went for trekking last weekend and it was so much fun plus I was active too.
    2019 days ago
    Good advice to look back at what I have binged on.
    2019 days ago
  • LUCY_69
    For me it's hot Cheetos. Ugh...the struggle is real.!
    2019 days ago
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