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Wednesday, 8/19/15

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 calories didn't scream at the gym this morning! I got a solid 20 min. on the elliptical this morning again enjoying an I Love Lucy episode. (gambling in France by accident) I also did some machines before calling it a day. Tomorrow I plan to do the Tabata which is 3 different machines for 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, three times in a row. Then I take a 3 minute rest before doing it all over again. Praying the 3 machines I want to use are open the whole time. If not, I'll improvise!

Finished up school in two hours today and it was the best day we've had since pushing to go back at all our subjects. Thankful!

We then headed out for errands. The first was at the church building we rent for co-op to get a map of the current class setups (one or two might change come September) so we have an idea of what we're walking into that first day. I also took pictures of the portable amp so I could have it with me to buy the cords we needed to connect tablets, phones, etc. Next stop was Best Buy to buy those cords and a new microphone. Didn't need to be fancy. Got great deals on all of it! We then headed to McD's so Maegann could buy a double quarter pounder as she was starving and then it was on to World of Nutrition to get more "happy" pills. (L-Dephenlalinine ... something like that.) After lunch at home I went to Walmart to pick up french bread for the families supper (spaghetti) and a couple things I forgot yesterday. I had the kids doing their cleaning chores while I was gone and then I sent them out to play while I swept and mopped the floors. Always look so nice when first done. Then I had the afternoon free and enjoyed a couple episodes of Grey's Anatomy while I did some email, etc. Once Maegann has the dishwasher loaded we are going to play Train Dominoes. Will be fun.

Tomorrow.... gym, school and nothing until the co-op Board meeting in the evening. Ready to get that done so I can get one large folder emptied and then we are all set for our first day back.
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