Motivation - hope this helps you and me both !!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I copied this from a friend's post on Face Book. Hope it encourages you and me.

I want share something that I've recently read. It's regarding the struggle to lose weight. Which is HARD. It encouraged me so much and I hope it does the same for you. 😊

"The key to having a steady supply of motivation is to realize that it isn't a straight line that ends abruptly at the edge of a cliff and drops off into an abyss.

Motivation is a circle: At the top of that circle is your most highly motivated state. As your drive starts to slip, it moves down and around to the right, like the hands on a clock. At the bottom of the circle is a less motivated state, where you may experience a plateau and start to disengage.

At the 9:00 or 10:00 position, you are reaching the all-out unmotivated state. You may not care what happens anymore, and you stand outside yourself and watch as you make choices that lead you further and further from your goals. You may be gaining weight, losing hope, and possibly even deciding that this is the end of your weight loss journey. It's not. The point is that even when you are feeling the least motivated, you are never too far from the highly motivated state."

Wow. That changes things. In reality, I was in a weight loss slump. My clock hands were at 10:00. I was struggling to even care. But I am not too far from my highly motivated "let's do this!" state. That thought alone pushed my clock hands ahead to 12:00.

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