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Back from Boone County Fair

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

We had such a great time at the Boone County Fair; I was just trying to remember how long Brande had shown down there; and she started when she was a Freshman in High School and she's now 28 years old, so it had to be 14 years, wow.

Anyway, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the weather was miserable. Upper 80's, lower 90's and HIGH humidity. It had rained Friday evening, and Saturday which made the humidity even higher. But thank goodness we were in the tents; inside the barns it was even worse. We can open up the sides of the tents. In the barns, they have a side door which is only in the middle of the barn, and one on each end to open (actually there are 2, but those are in the aisles, so if you have those open, and the breeze is north/south, you don't get much of a breeze). And the buildings are metal..well, if the suns out beating down on bake.

That's where our SIL drives me insane; he constantly wants to go into the barns, and we just can't get it into his head how hot it is in there. He's determined to be beside our friends (our daughter has bought many ponies from him), but he won't listen to us on how hot it is inside the barns, he drives us insane!

Anyway, back to the show; the fair had originally asked our daughter to give up one of her double stalls because they had so many new people showing, so she did. We got down there, and they had given her a single stall (which actually was her double stall, because instead she had 2 single stalls, duh!!) so she put her cart in there.

She showed Mercedes in the mini mare class which had (they announced) the most ponies ever with 34 mares. Brande and Mercedes got first place and then went on to get Grand Champion. It was kind of funny, she and the Reserve Grand Champion were the same two who won the same positions last year. So we took a photo of the two of them in the same place as last year, and said we were reserving them for the upcoming years. :)

Then the Friday she had to show Nell and VooDoo in the Shetland Broodmare and Foal class and got first; then VooDoo in the foal class and he got first. Then Sue in the Shetland Mare class 5 years and older and Sue got Second; then VooDoo in Shetland Stallion 2 years and under and he got Second (he lost to the guy, Bruce, our friend, who's been showing for over 40 years, there were others in the class he beat); and then Ty and Herb in Shetland Stallion 3 years and olver and got 2nd and 3rd (again, she lost to the guy who's showed for 40 years), and then She showed Sue in Roadster pony in hand and won first (against Bruce, again, and others).

Saturday was her driving class and she got 2nd with Ty in Ladies Pleasure Shetland (he's a classic pony so normally isn't as fancy as a modern, and a modern won, but that's alright, it was Bruce's daughter, Rhonda, who's driven for 38 years, but she beat 8 others); and she got 2nd with Herb in Roadster. The judge came over after that class and told her she had first down totally until Reba (the other pony) came up beside Herb and he acted up. (This happened because before Brande bought Herb, there'd been an incident between Herb and Reba (Bruce owned both, and Bruce was driving Herb, and Rhonda was driving Reba) where they had parked waiting for the judge's results, and Reba scared Herb somehow and Herb flipped over. We think Herb remembers that, and Rhonda forgot, and Herb reacted when Rebe drove around him. Reba was moving faster than Herb and had to move around him. Rhonda thought she was far enough away, but apparently wasn't. )

Anyway, the judge said he felt so bad because he'd wanted to give Herb first so bad, but he had no choice. The little jump Herb did was to evident, and he had to mark him down, but he still gave him second over the other ponies in the class because he did so well.

She did really well, she made $380 down there (actually the check was for $480, but she'd spent $100 on stalls), our daughter was very happy with the ponies, and I'm very proud of her. It was a great and fun week; and we had a wonderful time with all our friends down there....dancing in the rain on Saturday, visiting everyone, having a great meal on Saturday after the shows, and just having a great time.

Mercedes first place out of 34 ponies in mini-mare class:

Mercedes with her Grand Champion and the other pony with Reserve Grand Champion:

Roadster in hand Class:

Nell and VooDoo Practicing before the Mare/Foal Class:

Nell and VooDoo in the Mare and Foal Class:

Sue Reserve Grand, Shetland Mare 5 years and Older:

Ty Shetland Stallion Class:

VooDoo Shetland Stallion 2 years and Under (on left; the one on the right beat him out. There were 4 total foals in the class):

Have a great day, everone, and share those smiles!
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