Pray it gets better (please)....

Monday, August 17, 2015

Had an interesting weekend. Started off pretty decent but the ride home was awful! My hubby, a friend and my son all got into a big screaming match (of course, i already had a headache). It should have ended when my son and our friend both said "'re right" but it didn't. Hubby didn't let it go. A bit later hubby and son went at it over another issue. My son went "okay, you're right" but hubby didn't let it go (again). I'm still reeling from the whole ordeal (especially since we were in the car and there was no escape) but i'm not over eating and i went to the gym.
Pray that (even though he brought it up this morning) that this afternoon when he picks me up.....there will be peace.
Sorry to be writing this but I had to let it out! emoticon
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