Someone stole my CAR!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Well it was me but you know - it was a shock!

I listen to this great little podcast "Cut The Fat". Its weekly but they have done around 90 so far and I am only up to number 10 so plenty to go.

They were talking about always finding ways to contribute to changing our lifestyle - being mindful, whenever we can, of small things we can do to make a difference.

One of the things I liked - and I guess I knew but kind of forget living alone - is to set yourself up for success at meal time.

In other words when you are having a meal set the table. Placemats, cutlery, serviettes, condiments. Even a flower in a vase. Make it look appealing. I know when I do this I just for some reason tend to eat less and eat more slowly.

Eat slowly, enjoy every bite, feel the texture, think about how the flavours work on your tongue. Be mindful of every bite.

The OTHER thing they mentioned - funnily enough just as I was heading home in the car - was to stop parking close to things just because its convenient to walk to.

Obviously if you have packages or something heavy to carry then sure but otherwise park a half block, a FULL block away so you get an extra few minutes of walking in.

Its these little changes that help make big differences.

And yes of course I was running late for work this morning, rushed outside and thought "Oh **** someone stole my damn car- GREAT!!!"

Spark on! emoticon
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