Body shaming, plus size youtubers and clothes!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Good morning everyone!

Today, I want to talk about body shaming. Everyone gets body shamed, thin or fat and it's ridiculous. Overweight people do not need to be told that it's unhealthy to have extra weight but that's not the main problem. The main problem is people thinking that overweight people shouldn't feel happy or confident and they should just live in shame until they're healthy or ideal.

Part of health is having good mental well being and that includes confidence. Confidence is not something simple to come by but it's definitely something to hold onto! People can't change their appearance overnight and You don't know what steps someone is taking to improve their health. Body shaming accomplishes nothing!

Something that is pretty nice to see is plus size youtubers. Some of them have a lot of confidence. Mostly, I like to see where they buy clothes because some plus size clothes are frumpy and I doubt anybody wants to look frumpy. Some stores have plus sizes that didn't before. Some of the places I have never heard of. Some of the prices are up there but sometimes you can get good deals with promo codes.

Here are some common and not so common places to find clothes.
Lane Bryant's
Wet seal plus
Forever 21
Mod cloth (online)
Swak designs (online)
Dress Barn

emoticon Have a good day! Be healthy! :)

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