So What About Those Haters?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Okay, so you have started the process to lose weight and you are happy that you have finally been able to get control over something in your life. You share your joy with you friends. Most are happy for you, but then you have some who can't wait to see you fail. These are the Haters. You know the ones; they try to sabotage you every time you see them. They know you are on a diet, but they want you to go out and have drinks or have dinner at the restaurant that serves your favorite BBQ ribs and macaroni and cheese. They call you to go shopping when they know you are about to go workout. They tell you that they want to workout too, but when you call them they have an excuse why you both should just sleep in. They don't want to see you succeed, because they think that your success will make them a failure.

As I said in my previous blog, everyone is not at the same stage in changing their behavior, but that doesn't mean you have to put up with their nonsense. So, I would first suggest sharing with them how you feel. If you consider them a true friend, let them know that you have made a commitment to yourself to become a better and healthier person. Also, let them know that this change is important and that you will not let them get in the way of this process. Perhaps, they didn't realize they had the "Hating Tendencies", and this just might be all that you need to say to them.

But then you have the Haters, who still don't want you to succeed. Regarding them, I say, sometimes the easiest way to lose weight is to cut off your relationship with those Sabotaging Hating Friends. That should be a good 170 pounds per person. :)

Stay positive and be blessed!
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    Ok I know I'm about 2 weeks late, but I just got a chance to check out some pages and blog entries for people in my summer camp cabin, and I loved this entry. The thing that sucks about the haters is that they can be people you love. My husband used to be one (now he Sparks...yup, I took care of that one!). If there's one thing I've learned this time around, it's that I have to remember whose life I'm living. Mine. Not theirs. You're right, at some point, you just gotta cease putting up with their nonsense.

    4551 days ago
    Continue to work your jelly girl....don't let them get you down...the best to continue to do makes me push even harder...VICTORY will be OURS!!!!!2007 will be our year!!!
    4552 days ago
  • no profile photo YELLOWEYELET
    I dont think that others are haters but more that they are overweight themselves and would find every excuse for them not to even attempt to diet, so instead of admitting their own insecurities to food they will put others down who are dieting and losing wt. Before I joined Nutrisystem, I always thought that there simply was no reason for me to try to diet because now I have gone through menopause and that causes your metabolism to slow extremely down. so I use to think , why should I even try, I might as well get use to weighing 156 which was 51 more pounds then I ever weighed in my life. Well I went on and tried Nutrisystem and found that their program is based on the low gylcemic index and learned so much about protein and water consumption and how each helps boost the metabolism and now today I am wearing a size 6 instead of a size 14. I really think those who sabotage or make negative comments against those who are on a diet are not wanting to face the struggles in dieting and do not want to go the good fight and hard work it takes to lose the wt. If only they wanted it bad enough, they would find that the hard work and fight is worth it in the end.

    4562 days ago
    I think that's the frightening part of this journey - that it really just comes down to us! My husband is famous for making some greasy breakfast and asking if I want some - after I come home from exercize! I don't know that he wants me to fail, if you asked him, he'd say he wants me to be happy. Food and happy has always been the way with me, so I guess I can't blame him...We can't count on others to make it happen for us, or validate us, really. Well, let me rephrase that, we can count on folks on this website, 'cause we're on the same, "page". Count on me to listen to and encourage you!! I won't make you anything greasy!!
    GO GO GO!
    4562 days ago
    All I can say is "shake em off" and keep doing your thing.
    4563 days ago
    wow, this post is awesome. It is true, there will always be "haters" out there, but the best thing to do is to believe they are JEALOUS of you--you are doing something positive for yourself. physically, emotionally, and mentally, and most likely they are not so it stems out of being envious. Dont let it bring you down; in fact, make it be the stemming factor where you will just "show" them they will not succeed in bringing you down! I think everyone has a few of these friends....I recently had to "dump" one....and I realized it was a superficial friendship because I was actually relieved once I 'rid" myself of her :) Keep goin strong!
    4564 days ago
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