I think I am developing a foot fetish!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I decided this week that if I am going to become serious about walking and then running (awww he's like a cute little baby taking his first steps! lol) I need to get some decent footwear.

I suspect like many of us I spent some decent money on trainers/joggers/whatever you calL them where you live....and have had them for years.

Mine don't look wrecked or anything but I figured now I am doing a LOT of walking I should get a second pair. And I decided that I would spend decent money on a pair as I would be expecting a lot of myself in the next 12 months and I would need good kit to keep me going.

So went to my local store, feeling huge next to all those fit young shop assistants in their trainers and shorts but I finally snagged one of them and he was absolutely lovely.

After measuring my feet and putting me on this walk analysis thing he decided on a couple options and bought them out.

Now I know this is a small thing but I am not at a size yet where I can just happily lean down and do up shoelaces, I have to pull one foot up onto my knee to do it. Nearly there...not quite.

But before I had to feel embarrassed and awkward he was on his knees and fitting them on for me, laced up and all. Not sure if this is standard service at this shop but it was just so easy.

As I slid my foot into the Brooks shoe I could almost hear my feet gurgle with pleasure at the soft downy cushiony shoe. It was like walking on a cloud.

So of course they were the ones and I wore them most of the day as I did my circuits around the shop.

16,700 steps yesterday!!! All time record. I feel VERY smug! :)

ANYWAY the point of my blog was to say how much I luuurrrvvveee my feet and legs.

After putting back on my old trainers I realised they had zero support on one side as I tend to roll out when I walk. Like they SLOPED TO ONE SIDE - I never even realised.

My poor feet and legs, carrying around 150% to 200% of the weight they were made for, never complaining, never just stopping or creating a fuss AND doing it in crap shoes.

I know some of us have feet problems but mine have been CHAMPIONS!

At my age my feet and legs have now carried me AROUND THE WORLD THREE TIMES.

120,000,000 steps. And hardly missed a beat.

And yes I know that other parts do their job like our hearts. But the heart gets SO much attention. Heck there are whole hospitals devoted to that one organ.

And what do feet get? Smelly sneakers and socks with holes. Its just NOT right! emoticon

My feet and legs have my undying gratitude for seeing me through this far and I now plan to make them feel a WHOLE lot better by taking some of the weight off them and making them happy feet!

There should be a "Love Your Feet" day!

Spark On! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Adorable shoes! I'm getting into footwear in a new way myself. I have some fun athletic shoes that have lime green accents that I really love (although they are wearing out faster than I would have liked). There are many fun designs out right now.

    Congrats on the steps and the good feelings! You deserve it!
    1691 days ago

    Priceless! The second best thing to buy after good shoes is a good pillow. Your precious brain rests on that cushion a third of your life! Might as well make it comfy!
    1692 days ago
    I agree with Chillypam, a true foot fetish is about someone else's feet. I actually feel a little jealousy for your feet. I might have to venture into one of those stores with the stinky, skinny runner types and get my feet pampered with new shoes. Even now my feet are feeling, a little tired in my old runners.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1692 days ago
  • RDEE22
    Those shoes look so comfy. 16.700 steps is also fantastic.
    1693 days ago
    Excellent - great customer service. Keep on walking...
    1693 days ago
    Oh Dave, another terrific blog! Gotta say though, most folks who confess they have a foot fetish are excited by other peoples' feet, but you made a good case for your own, lol.
    1693 days ago
    I do love Brooks. I just wish they made a stability shoe in solid black so I could wear them to work!
    1693 days ago
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