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Halfway there! Woot!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Today is a big celebration day. I'm down 22 pounds. Halfway to my goal. And that's 10% of my body weight GONE. Still in the "overweight" range according to the BMI stats. Still wearing the SAME SIZE. (Really!?) But feeling amazing.

The best part is that it has not been that "hard." I think it's because I've tried (and failed) a zillion times before, but each time I tried, I learned something new (about sugar, about sodium, about not overtraining, about drinking water)... and remembered it. This time, it's like everything just came together. The most important lesson so far has been MODERATION and to GO SLOW.

I have stopped fretting about the scale each week and just have faith that, if I've done the eating and fitness according to my plan, the pounds will eventually come off. The previous 2 weeks? NO LOSS. But instead of feeling anxious, guilty or bad about myself, I just kept doing what I've been doing. And voila. A big loss this week. The point is, this feels easier because I'm being a lot kinder to myself.

Exercise: I'm learning that, for me, rest days and "light" days are critical. I ran 4 miles yesterday - my longest and best time yet. And it's because my legs were "fresh" and not achy. I get my physical activity in (except 2 rest days per week); and some days I really push myself. Others, I just bike or walk. When I admitted that my weight loss really comes mostly from my diet, I stopped overtraining and worrying about burning X number of calories each day. And as a result, my body is actually growing stronger and more capable... without pain or injury. (I've done the injury thing SO many times.)

Food: I'm treating life now the way I hope to treat life in maintenance mode. That is, when I want a treat--I ask 2 simple questions. 1) Will I stay in my calorie range? and 2) Have I nourished my body with good things first? (Did I hit my protein and veggie / fruit goals?) If the answer is yes, and it almost always is, then I have the treat! It's the first time I've changed my eating habits without being ultra-restrictive and INSANELY IRRITABLE.

I need to keep these lessons in mind as I move forward. In some ways I think the next 20 pounds will be easier (I've learned a lot of lessons and started really good habits)... in others, I know harder (because that last 5 isn't coming off as easily as the first 5 did).

Today is a happy day. This is a big milestone in my overall goal.
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