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Checking in and catching up

Sunday, August 09, 2015

OK, bloggers. Do you ever go back and reread your past blogs? I just did, and it's kind of depressing. Not if I go back far enough, but for the past year. Obviously, I've been MIA (Missing in Action, for the uninitiated). Or perhaps UA (Unauthorized Absence) would be more correct. Usually, I would say I just didn't have much to say, but upon reflection, there has been a bit over the past 2 months, so let's catch up.

First, I was in a car accident 7 weeks ago. I'm fine. Thanks for asking. From the collision itself, I was completely uninjured. The air bag deployed and I sustained a compression fracture of my right wrist. At first it was painful. Then it was inconvenient. Then I had the cast removed (this past Wednesday) and now it's really inconvenient. Doc warned me it would be sore and stiff. Didn't warn me it wouldn't be much use at all. He put me in a brace, which I mostly wear when I'm sore or afraid I might bump the wrist painfully.

Silly me, I hoped to go bike riding the day the cast came off. There wasn't enough strength in my hand to reliably work the back brake. I didn't want to go flying over my handlebars, so the bike is still in the garage. Sadness. I go back to see the doctor for what I sincerely hope will be the last time in about 10 days. He may prescribe physical therapy, but I'm working to try to head that off. We'll see if that's successful.

I cancelled the gym membership. I like working out there, but it's so tough to get up and go. I worked on several strategies, and even roped DW into joining. In the end it was wasted money. I signed up for an online fitness channel that I can stream through all of my devices and my TV and we're spending 1/3 of what we were paying for the gym. That isn't advice. If you use your gym membership, keep it up. If you don't use your gym membership and want to, really go for it. I really needed something I can do from home.

Walking with J is also history. I love J. He's a wonderful human being and I still spend time with him. The walking became more about the talking than the walking, and he wasn't cooperating as I tried to pick up the pace. Again, it's time I didn't have. I'll keep the friendship going in other venues.

There really wasn't any reason I couldn't walk while my wrist was in a cast, but I confess I spent 6 weeks feeling pretty sorry for myself. Between the wrist and car issues (the driver who hit me, totaled my car), I missed a bunch of work and I'm still putting those bits of my life back in order.

I got a new pedometer. I liked the last one. I didn't have to read it every day, as it connected to my phone automatically and uploaded my counts. Unfortunately, the manufacturer merged with another company and rewrote the software so it would also link with Map My Fitness. Great idea, but now the software just locks up my phone and fails to upload my counter. I replaced it with the smallest Fitbit, on which I got a great bargain, so I'm happy. I didn't spend a ton, it works great, and it links with Spark People.

I suppose there's more to share, but I've still been struggling with that sleep deficit and I have an opportunity to get a decent night's sleep. So, good night all and here's to there being less of us next week. (Not fewer, but less of each)

Does anyone else wonder why "blog" and "blogger" are not in our spellcheck dictionary? Maybe it's just me.
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    I have often wondered why the words "blog" and "blogger" are not in the dictionary! It is frustrating. I will confess to trying to use other words! I am happy that your wrist is getting better. I am wearing a brace on my left wrist right now because I sprained or strained it while attempting to put a card table away! Can you believe it?! It sux! I am happy to report that I am still able to ride my bike so life is GOOD. This Saturday DH (another spell check stop!) and I will be riding the Bartram trail and then exploring the Hamburg festival. I am looking forward to the weekend. Take care, my friend. I hope to see you on the trails again soon!
    1326 days ago
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