My "Finding the Good in Each Day" experiment

Sunday, August 09, 2015

This is the blog that I promised last Sunday, about finding the good in each day. I admit, it was a challenge at times this past week, with not feeling good most days (mostly due to being anemic, and the other health issues related to the cancer), but hey, when you challenge yourself to something, it's not much of a challenge if it's too easy! I'm not posting my entire list, as that would be too long, but here a few of the things from that list of the good parts of last week.

Starting out the week with a good night of sleep the night before.

Watched one of my favorite movies on DVD, Doctor Zhivago.

A beautiful sunset and a rainbow after a couple of early evening thunderstorms.

Lunch out with friends.

Cooler weather!

The bus picking me up for my doctor appointment was on time today!

Probably my toughest day of the week, with the fatigue, but it was a day I could just stay home, and I was thankful for that!

One of my friends gave me a ride to get some lab work done, so I did not have to take the bus.

Got my Oprah magazine in the mail, one of my favorites!

My best friend Penny arrived in town!

Getting some much needed rain; a nice steady, soaking rain that lasted all night and into Saturday morning.

Spending the morning with Penny.

Timmy and Kallie enjoying some fresh catnip from the 2 pots of homegrown catnip Penny brought for me.

Even though my computer cannot be fixed (need a new one, as I talked about in yesterday's blog), my current one still works well enough to get me online, until I can get my new computer, and I'm very thankful for that!
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