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10 Things to Improve Your :) & Manitoba Visit

Friday, August 07, 2015

On my list, you would find:

1- Wake up and find a yoga mat;
2- Brush your teeth;
3- Kiss good morning;
4 - Have breakfast;
5- Go on an adventure!

... But this is not how it goes. According to this recent article-blog* I read here is what we should do (and maybe what I should think about for my next goals)
This blog is about what you should do to be happier and improve your life. To me, based on research or not, this makes sense…

Here is the list, as suggested by Dr. Samantha Boardman / and my view on it...

1. Get out in nature: 
I like looking around and discovering new sceneries... Like this one at Sturgeon Creek -where we went for a walk. I like going for walks but I have to admit I miss running. Also, getting my exercise outside is by far easier for me during the summer than winter - I don't like winter. I did not mind going for a walk when Emma was living with me...

… and this quote speaks to me: “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” ~ Matisse

I like mindful walking and just looking around - paying attention to LIFE
Beside flowers - I saw a rabbit (use to see rabbits everyday in Kingston, here in Barrie, I don’t see them as often.)

A small woodpecker

2. Exercise: "We all know how important this is, but few people do it consistently." I guess when your group of friends and family are active you don’t notice this as much - what I notice is when I skip - and I feel bad when I don’t move. I know that I always feel better after moving (even if I did not feel like moving in the first place)

That is movement inspiration - graceful!

3. Spend time with friends and family: They are the biggest source of happiness in our lives….
(Jeff with his brother and mom)
True (note - they can't bring their share of negative emotions too, but we need to be connected. ) Because of the distance, technology can help with staying connected too…
and here is a picture that my Maggie sent me (cute - but I also wonder what else! emoticon - love her more than she thinks!)

4. Express gratitude:
Or look after the little one - like Jeff did when he rescued a little baby cardinal in Cincinnati…

... and this is also the reason why I am not going to stress over the fact that yesterday I was over my calorie range - we enjoyed a delightful lunch (and later a dinner as a big group... ) (Roasted tomato bisque with Empanadas - beef and salmon)

5. Meditate: 
I noticed that my gratitude meditation practice is helping me to see the positive… (or maybe it is just the fact that I have some time off and I don’t worry and stress as much!)
- Hey! Even my Chinese fortune is saying so (I got the "You find beauty in ordinary things"; and Jeff got "you will spend the rest of your life with the person of your dreams" emoticon ... the extra was the one I took that was left on the table and it says - "a promotion is coming your way!" I won't pend the pay check yet but emoticon )

6. Get enough sleep: "You can’t cheat yourself on sleep"
This is why I am having naps - the problem is I won't be able to keep up with naps once I get back to work...

7. Challenge yourself: learn something new… Went to the zoo in Winnipeg. Too much to see and learn (or remember). But here is something I did not know

Love the colorful bird from South America

8. Laugh: This one is obvious! (I have to admit that this family trip is much more serious - and I am kinda homesick, which is unusual for me... so here is what my daughters do to make me laugh... (they stick their emoticon out!)

Love how Jeff can get a smile from me too... (see number 9...)

9. Touch someone: 
(archived picture from 2012)

10. Be optimistic:  … (or my little touch - have a little taste of wine! Actually alcohol is a depressant… so it might have the opposite effect; however I enjoy a nice red on a special occasion with my DH - or my BIL !)
(Niagara Falls - a stop at the winery last spring).

- In the background - Human Right Museum in Winnipeg - did not go in, it was too nice today to go inside (back to #1 Recommendation, considering that we had to rainy days and we will be driving for more than 12 hours tomorrow... but I am grateful for my life.

Namaste - my friends. Namaste!

** positiveprescription.co
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