3 Months Wheat Free 32 lbs Lighter ..The Journey Continues to Detox My Life

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

8.4.15 Update THE FACTS....I FEEL GREAT....I WENT FROM 214 TO 182 THIS MORNING SINCE MAY 4.15 OH i didn't realize this if a full 3 months...that is a total of 32 beautiful husband has lost 33 pounds and he and mom started 5 days after was 196 i think and is now 177 that was Sunday before last Sunday didnt get to weigh her this past Sunday that's 19 household has lost 84 pounds...if that is not success I do not know what it...For the first time, I can say I have had the full support of my family/household and that is why I feel so successful and happy today. We made this lifestyle change together and each of us has a better quality of life. I am a wheat belly fan. Taking wheat out of my system changed my life. Then I started understanding life on a new level and got into essential oils to detox my entire life from my body to my home (air, cleaning products, skin care etc)...if you want to know about this send me a message and check out my website

NOTICE..the pic on my page of me and abdul in purple is not the same pic as in the blog...i am actually lighter now that i was in that pic...LOL...he is wearing the same shirt so you might be able to tell the difference as he is lighter now as well than back then...I think that pic was in December of 2011 or 2012.
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