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“Whap bam Ow.” Or “Who Put That Wall There?“

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

You’d think with a title like that, this would be about falling off my bike a few weeks ago. Well no, after I fell off I totally looked around and am sure no one saw me, so now we don’t pretend it didn’t happen emoticon .

This is about hitting the energy wall, which I did, in a big way, yesterday.

It was my strength and cardio workout for the day. A little bit of time heavy lifting, then outside for a jog around the pond. Yah, my work totally has a pond with a path around it emoticon .

Anyway, this was my second workout for the day and I was excited to get going. The weight training went great (upped my chest press weight yah!). And out I went into the heat. Now I didn’t eat well before heading out, but I took a few bites of a leftover gyro before going over, and had eaten other foods just a few hours earlier. Nothing out of the ordinary for me.

Well that apparently wasn’t enough on Tuesday for about a quarter mile in I got stabby pains in my abdomen. Over time that became more stabby pains, nausea and some light headedness. Two hours, snacks, drinks and some rest later I was doing much better, just feeling really tired. Ugh, it was miserable- and a wasted end of a otherwise great day.

So that brings me to what I wanted to talk about (maybe ask about) in the first place. What to eat when working out.(?)

But Loren, haven’t you been working out for like a decade in Indiana? Didn’t you eat during that time? Wasn’t there marathon training back then?

Well yes- but I’ve always had issues with working out and what to eat, they have just gotten worse. Now less and less food sound good before or after a workout. I use to cook and eat a whole breakfast before my training runs (and eat sandwiches while running), now thinking about that makes me feel kinda nauseous. I guess I am older this week than I was two weeks ago, as it were.

But, but Loren, haven’t you read all kinds of articles about eating and working out? Don’t you have some knowledge base since physiology was part of one of your majors? Don’t you find reading about nutrition fun? You really can’t not know what you should be doing (yes the question is stated like that in my head)?

Oh I know all kinds of things, but knowing and seeing if it works for me are two very different issues. Add to that eliminating foods that might be migraine triggers (peanut better, yogurt, bananas, citrus, some lentils….) while I try to sort out what works for me. Peanut butter was always my go to, and other nut butters just doing it for me.

But, but, but Loren, didn’t you live in hot places like Florida for years? This is nothing compared to that.

Yes yes, but I don’t like the heat, it makes me a little sad. One of the big reasons for packing up and moving north, yah snow! And I was younger back then, and worked out later at night, which isn’t an option.

But, but, but, but Loren, you aren’t going to leave this open without a solution, to think that you’d stop working out or that there isn’t something you can do?

Well, no, of course not. I wouldn’t leave it like that. The funny thing, I did find something that seemed to work well and consistently. Oddly enough homemade chocolate chip cookies with milk seem to make an awesome pre-workout breakfast. They always sound good, they are filling without the gross heavy feeling, and I get in the best runs and bike rides emoticon .

No, these aren’t some healthier version of the cookie. Nothing whole wheat goes anywhere near them. The butter is buttery, and the sugar comes in two colors. I've messed up some really good recipes making them healthy and now I wont eat them.

Part of me wants to do a little dance for this, then go for a run. A solution has been found! Does anyone else hear the orchestra keying up for the big musical number?

Another part goes - And this is why you are 270 pounds even though you work out 1-3 times a day. There are better options out there, don’t give up!

Then another part of me, arguably the biggest part, goes, “Hi, my name is Loren and I am 6 years old, would you like to share my cookies, they are homemade. Then we can go out and play”

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  • GHK1962
    Heh - well, my name is Greg ... and mmmm cookies! We could share them ... taunt Galene and Grebjack as we not give them any ... and they chase us down to get some ... and voila! Exercise right?

    Ok, goofiness aside, I think this is an area that most people are kinda all different. Some people totally need to fuel up .... so have to replenish like no one's business. For myself, I know if it's a short workout, then pre meals, etc are not needed. If it's a longer workout, then yeah, I have to get something in my body. The thing is I don't like eating prior as it makes me feel full! So I'll eat light ... and have some electrolyte drinks prior.

    After exercising I am one of those that is totally NOT hungry at all. Food is the last thing on my mind, even if it's been a longer/harder work out. (Of course, if it's an event with FREE beer then all bets are off and I am having my FREE beer!)

    1833 days ago
    Where are you living now? Have you moved? We need to talk!!!

    Message me and I'll send you my number.
    1835 days ago
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