Blood counts are looking up

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I had another CBC done yesterday. As I expected, my hemoglobin was fine, at 11.8.
My WBC is up to .84, and my platelets, which were at 10 before Friday's platelet transfusion, were 32. Since this was my first platelet transfusion, I don't know how "good" that improvement is considered, but at least the numbers are going in the right direction. I'm not sure, but I kind of think maybe it takes longer for WBCs and platelets to bounce back than it does hemoglobin. I'm hoping by next week, my WBC will be above 1.00, because then I won't have to wear a surgical mask when I'm out in public.

Today would have been the day I would have started back on the Ibrance had I not decided that I didn't want to continue on it. I still feel good about my decision to stop it.

My weekend went pretty well; didn't do anything exciting, just stayed home, but it was the best I have felt in several weeks, since dealing with the cellulitis infection, then the bad side effects of the oral antibiotic during the week following my hospital stay, then the bad time with the Ibrance. My energy level has flagged a bit since yesterday, but a big part of that is that I haven't slept very well the past few nights, and it started to catch up with me. But I still managed to do my chair workouts yesterday and today, even though today the most I could do was 20 minutes.
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