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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I work in an office where our entire department loves to find a reason to celebrate anything and that involves bringing food, of course. It's almost always a day long event where everyone joins in to bring food. My problem is that I work at the front desk and this is always where the food is left. I've tried asking everyone to change the place they leave food because I have a problem with it, but my requests are always met with resistance. It's always been left at the front desk because there's a big counter there and they don't see any reason to change it. This means that I don't even have to get up out of my seat to eat. I just have to swivel around and grab something.

I finally got tired of trying to change my coworkers' behavior. It was totally useless. All I can do is bring my own snacks and often my snacks just can't compete with the cake right beside me. If I cave and eat the cake (or whatever else that has been left there) then I just have to count the calories and move on. One other thing I can do is take a piece of the cake and save it for later. That seems to help because I usually won't eat the whole piece in one day. If I wrap it up for later, I can eat part of it one day and part of it the next day. Sometimes I find I don't even want it at all after I've saved it for a few days.
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  • MYRA61
    Jackie - I still laugh at Pickie's suggestion. Funny that you should ask now because for the past 3 days at work (yes three!!) it's happened again. I work at Testing Services at UGA and we've had an "end of Orientation" party for all the part-time workers. That means that from Wednesday through Friday, there have been cakes, pies, chips, and nuts all sitting right behind me. On Wednesday there was even more. Anyway, I brought a big container of nonfat, plain unsweetened Greek yogurt on those days and mixed in a little truvia and lots of peaches. I froze it and slowly ate it all day. That helped a lot but then I started getting rid of it all, one by one. I started putting it all in drawers and in the fridge. When people would come by looking for it, I would tell them where it is and suggest they take it to their office. So far I don't think I upset anyone. I got a few laughs when they started opening drawers and cabinets and finding food in them.
    1594 days ago
    This is really hard to deal with. Pickles idea is great, let us know if it worked.
    I use to try to not look. emoticon
    1597 days ago
  • MYRA61
    Thank you all for your sweet comments. Pickie 98 - that is hilarious! I'll have to remember that! Princes Spp - I have tried to find other spots but no one wants it in their area either. They either don't want the increased traffic because of the food or they don't want to be tempted by it themselves. But it's okay. I'll just have to remember Pickie 98's suggestion! haha!
    1605 days ago
    You have done wonderfully in your choices .. I applaud you for being able to "not eat the whole piece in one sitting" .. I would eat the piece and then the frenzy would start ..

    Have you tried to find another spot for them to lay out the food away from your desk ?? I have been in that situation, and I believe it's rude that they don't even try after you've voiced your concerns ..

    I LOVE PICKIE98's idea ..

    While the "main culprit" is no longer at our office ... it still happens, and there are people that will push me to eat some .. but I have learned that I feel horrid if I eat processed sugar, and remember the last sugar hangover I had .. (until I forget it and will have to renew my memory .. *sigh* ) .. but it irritates me that people will push even after you voice your concerns ..

    I wish you strength, and applaud you for your current efforts .. :)

    1605 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    All you can do, is all you can do!
    1605 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Picture the people licking their fingers while preparing it, or the cat walking on the counters while the food was there.. sneezing on it at home,etc... get that pic in your mind as you look at the food.. gross...

    1605 days ago
    Good Luck!
    1605 days ago
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