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Why Do I Exercise

Monday, July 20, 2015

I run because:
I like how I feel after I run.
I get to run with my team who have become my friends.
Races are fun.
I like how my thighs are redesigning.
I can eat more and still lose weight.
It’s a great way to explore a new location.
I get to discover new parks.
I have good conversations running.
I've run around the perimeter of my town.
I like running by myself.
My coaches give us track workouts I like!
I’m crabby without it.
I like getting faster.
It fuels my weight loss.
Running downhill is really fun!

I do Pilates because:
I’m learning to carry my body the way it was designed. This spreads into the rest of my life.
I work on form and balance.
It improves my running.
It builds flexibility.
I can continue the practice at home for strength, form and flexibility.

I lift weights because:
I need functional fitness.
It ramps up my metabolism.
I don’t want to fall, and strong muscles help protect me from falling.
When I’m consistent with my strength work, my neck and shoulder don’t hurt.
This body has decades of work ahead of it.
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