really tired

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Feels good to come home and just sit, drink my cup of coffee, and type away. No one giving orders, no one demanding my attention. Just quiet. I have tons to do like put away the laundry, sweep and mop the apartment, water the plants, make dinner, but all that can wait, I am just so tired.

I just noticed that I haven't given my body a break. Been working out since Saturday, for at least an hour, and twice on Monday. Zumba today felt like torture and I was just dragging but still tried my best to give it all I have. Tomorrow is rest day, penciling it in since right now, it just feels horrible to be so tired.

I am still proud of the hours I've put in, the fun I've had and the changes I've made. I've never really have rewarded myself before but I think I am going in for a pedi this weekend. I hope to have a semi relaxing weekend, wish for one of those in which the car never leaves the garage but speaking of the car, it needs a wash too! I know it's not going to happen but wishful thinking.

A big reward I was thinking of this morning and it's for a huge goal, is to visit my friend in college station in October, it's a 3 hour car ride and I will be going if I can accomplish my goal in September. It's a good motivator to continue eating well and exercising. My friend will be happy too, I haven't seen her in about 4 years and I always promise to go but never do.

Off I go to lay on the coach or the floor, whichever I make it to first.
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