Feeling better since yesterday's transfusion!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Before I get started on today's blog, I want to correct an error I made in my last blog. I had miscounted the number days that I was on the Ibrance; it was not 22 days, but actually 15 days.

Yesterday was a long day at the hospital getting the transfusion. I had to be there by 8am but the first unit of blood was not started until nearly 10:30am. Our hospital recently started switching over to a new computer system, the same one that the bigger hospital that they merged with about a year ago is using. When it's all done, it will be easier for both the employees and the patients, but right now, everything from registration, getting lab work done, etc. is a bit bogged down because the employees are still learning the new system, and that is everyone from the clerical workers up to the doctors and nurses. It used to be that when I was scheduled for a transfusion, I would just go right on up to the outpatient surgery floor, but yesterday, I found out after I got there, I now I have to go through registration first. I guess the nurse that informed me of that thought I didn't look like I was feeling too well, lol, so she insisted on taking me down there herself in a wheelchair. I would have been ok going down myself, but I appreciated not having to stand in line as I was still feeling a bit lightheaded then.

Another change is that instead of having to wait just 15 minutes after the transfusion is done to be able to leave, hospital policy is now they have to keep transfusion patients for about an hour, so it was close to 3:30pm by the time I got back home.

Did not get quite enough sleep last night, as I always have trouble sleeping after getting a transfusion, even if I take a sleeping pill, but I still feel so much better today! And after almost 3 whole days now of not taking the Ibrance, my stomach is feeling much better too. I think I should be able to sleep better tonight though, and once I get back into my regular sleep schedule, I should feel better over the weekend.

I just got back home a few minutes ago from having CBC checked again; I know the hemoglobin will be improved, but I hope that the platelets and WBC will be better too. Since I had my lab work done so late in the the day today, I probably won't hear anything from the cancer center about it til tomorrow, as to how it will affect my treatment, but I was told to wait a full 24 hours after the transfusion was done to get it checked, so that is why I didn't do in the morning as I normally do. I should be able to get my report online in a few hours though. And one nice thing about the new computer system, instead of having to keep logging in to see if my report is ready, the hospital will now send an email notification when it is posted.
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