Mt Baldy memorial hike for mother

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Saturday 10 family members ages from 12 to me 66 climbed Mt Baldy 10,064 ft. I am afraid of heights,one of my hip replacements is giving problems, not in the best physical shape for a physical hike as Mt Baldy(class 2).
The hike idea started 6 months ago,During Christmas our family started talking about our deceased mother who had over 200 "bagged peaks" She even re- climbed 100 while she was pregnant with our youngest sister.She was 44 at the time.
My youngest brother and the sister who got her peaks the easy way thought it would be fun to hike a memorial hike on our mother's favorite peak,
There are 7 of us ages 40 to 66.All out of shape,plus most of us were carrying extra pounds.Hey we had 6 months to get in shape!
The only ones who tried to get in shape were the 40 year old sister and 47 year old brother.They did hiking and biking. The rest of us never found the time.
Well,July 12th arrived and we all met in Mt Baldy village for a weekend of hiking.
My forty year old sister brought her husband plus her 23 yr old and twelve year old. (the 23 yr old was in car accident two years ago
and climbed out of a canyon with a broken back and cracked skull.see blog)
One sister was late and missed the hike.
My 40 year old sister carried my mothers ashes(5Lbs) in her pack.after all my mom carried to the peak 40 yrs ago.
Unfortunately my sister had a panic attack when the going got tough.My brother-in-law took over carrying mom so she could turn back.The faster hikers took off ahead.I was slow.Two of my brothers hiked with me,a 54 year old 100 Lb over weight diabetic and my 63 year old out of shape brother.We climbed one ft at a time.I was stupid and left my water and trail bars with the returning sister.I'm so afraid of heights,I couldn't look at the incredible views until I was back on level land.One part of the hike is called Devils Backbone for a reason. I thought the trail was about 6 inches wide there,I was told it was 18 inches.All I know that it dropped off both sides of the trail.
Five hours into the hike we found the 12 yr old on the side of the trail exhausted.We left her because she said she had food and water and it was flat and safe there. A few minutes later,the 23 yr old passed us coming down,She had all ready reached the peak and was coming down to pick up her sister.
When we got to the last 1100 ft of our climb.(almost sheer cliff)My sister,brother in law and another brother saw us climbing up to them at the peak.They couldn't believe we actually made it.5 1/2 hours!I bagged my first peak with the help of two of my brothers.They guided me step by step and even picked me up by my belt loops and sat me on rocks I couldn't reach.Out of 10 of us,7 made it to the top.
It took 41/2 hours to climb back to the bottom.My 100 Lb over weight brother and I were the last off the mountain. Both my feet had blisters.My brother had leg cramps. But we made it before dark.
We have posted videos and pictures on the internet. It was funny ,we had cell service on the top of the mountain.Our pictures were going viral before we got back to flat land.We were well known because were were the old"geezers" on the mountain Plus everybody thought it was neat that were were taking our mom on her last hike.
We are now thinking,Half Dome in Yosemite for next year.Yep,we are crazy!
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