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Creating a life filled with supportive friends

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The most healthy relationships are those where respect and support is freely given and received. If you continually fid yourself in a pattern of relationships where you feel let down and not supported, perhaps you could look at the one common denominator of that pattern over which you have control, yourself. Ask "Where am I not respecting and supporting myself? - Why am I not open to receiving respect and support? - Do I present a positive, self-assured and happy attitude?"

It is difficult to become successful if you do not have respect and support. That respect and support will rarely come if you don't seek out and ask the right people for support, are not open to or do not recognize support when it is given, or do not have a genuine positive, self-assured and happy attitude. These things can always be improved, even in the best of us. Start by making sure you follow a routine of taking care of yourself: by keeping hydrated, eating well, and exercising regularly. Every week, learn something new to share with your friends or to honor your passions. Accept those things that you can't change and find the good in them, whether it be a new lesson or whether it merely builds up your courage that you can face any storm with the appropriate action/inaction if you stay calm. Keep things simple by keeping your focus on the present not the past or the future. Remember to be happy for life is a gift- that is why they call it the present.

Live each day in integrity with your thoughts, beliefs and actions. If you are in a relationship with somebody, professional or otherwise, that either of you feel is no longer working and you have done all you can to make it work, then do yourself and the other person a favor by ending the relationship in a respectful manner. Don't judge the other person for not supporting you, particularly if he or she is a family member, and don't say your sorry you got into the relationship. All relationships started with and had a purpose, you each grew together and learned from the relationship; but occasionally the time comes when one of you feels the relationship is no longer workable, and that is the time to end the relationship. Don't fear that the void created by ending a relationship will not be filled. You will have more time and freedom to grow in your passions and be happier. Your new strength and happiness will inspire others and you will find a friend who will respect and support you.
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