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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

I logged in today! emoticon 5 days in a row is a big deal for me this time!
I got my bike out and went for a ride. emoticon It was hard, the brakes squeak, I think it needs a tune up. I just went around the block. emoticon
I went for a 30 minute walk afterwards! emoticon emoticon
I am drinking water and other than 2 coffee nothing else really. emoticon
I am staying on track with my eating! emoticon

I am weighing every day. It's what works for me. I am down since Sunday but I will track m weight on Fridays and Mondays. emoticon

I have physio booked for my arm/shoulder next week, so I will do what I can without making it worse. emoticon But that's OK I can still walk and eat healthy!!! emoticon

I am going to celebrate the small victories. I know in time they will add up to pounds lost and a stronger healthier me! emoticon emoticon
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